A few days ago one of my students, who is interested in building his body, approached me and asked me how he could build up his body. The youngster is seventeen years old and does not believe he could build anything let alone his body. I explained to him that what he looks like now is no indication on how he will look in the future if he applies himself and passionately focuses on training. He explained to me that it is impossible because he is built like a bean pole that weighs 130 pounds wet at nearly six feet tall.

He also explained to me that he can’t afford to go to a comercial gym, and all he has is a cheap plastic, cement filled, 110 pound weight set. When he told me this the great Olympic gold medal winning champion wrestler, Dan Gable, came to my mind. I told the student; you know, to be a champion whether in competitive sports or even for your own self like developing your body all you need is a hot burning desire to acheive your goal.

Dan Gable was an Olympic Gold Medal winner in wrestling back in the 1972 Olympics. As for how Gable trained, many are surprised at the simplicity of his approach. There was no fancy periodization or state of the art facility. There were no comercial gyms, fancy supplements or special types of eating plans for Dan Gables to use, nope, the only secret to Gable’s approach was working his butt off each and evey day. He trained with intensity, the type of intensity that would cause most men to break. His success was not derived from a particular program or piece of equipment. Instead, it came from dedication and a burning desire to acheive his goal. He outworked everyone. It was his passion and obsession.

As for where he channeled this passion, you can see his home gym below. So much can be learned by simply witnessing where Dan Gable trained as a youngster. Many will likely be surprised at the crude surroundings. His success goes against so much of what is marketed in today’s fitness industry. Gable’s gym is as low-tech as they come. No fancy equipment or programs, just old fashioned gut busting hard work. We have come to see that Dan Gable was going to bust his ass no matter where he trained. And obviously where he trained didn’t matter. That alone is a lesson worth its weight in gold. What Dan Gable proved with his passion for wrestling was that passion and burning desire is all that is needed to achieve your goal.

Dan Gable Home Gym

Dan Gable’s Rocky Gym

After explaining all of this to the student, I wrote out a bodybuilding program out for the student based on basic barbell, dumbbell and bodyweight exercises. Now its his time to get to work. Depending on how much fire and dedication he shows me will determin what I will do for him next. Stay tuned.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

Until Next Time,

God Bless you all.


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