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Earle E. Liederman

In my New Years goal setting article, one of the goals I mentioned for many people, especially men, to shoot for was to begin a fitness and exercise program. Now, for many reading this, you do not know where to begin because the internet is inundated with information and products promising you the fitness moon.

Allow me to give you a basic start. Lets begin with old school bodybuilding and fitness. To begin an exercise and nutrition program, you do not need to buy any expensive equipment, unless you want to; a basic standard barbell dumbbell set really does not cost much. What is needed is a willingness to begin exercising and a simple program to help you along the way. This is not some stupid New Years resolution you will make only to stop completely after a few weeks. No, this is going to be a life style for you.

Back in the early 1920’s, there was a physical culturist by the name of Earle E. Liederman.

Earle Liederman had a highly successful mail-order bodybuilding course throughout the 1920’s. He was originally inspired by Sandow and they became close business associates. Earle Liederman claimed many famous pupils including no less than Angelo Siciliano (Charles Atlas), George Jowett, Arthur Hyson, Abe Boshes and others.

After World War II he became editor of Joe Weider’s bodybuilding magazine Muscle Power magazine and wrote many articles on the subject of muscle building, shaping up and over all fitness.

Earle E. Liederman is probably the man who was most instrumental in creating and elevating the American’s public awareness of strength, physical conditioning and health. Throughout the 1910’s and the 1920’s, Earle was very successful at writing mail order training programs, which usually consisted of bodyweight exercises and the use of a chest expander. He was considered the King of the Mail-Order Bodybuilders and fitness program providers. Even to this day, several of his books and courses are considered to be among the most thorough and well-conceived books and courses ever published on the topic of strength and physical development.

Earl E. Liederman was born 1886 in Brooklyn, New York, to Swedish immigrant parents, and he graduated from high school in Jamaica, New York. After receiving his diploma, he pursued a degree in physical education and was hired by the New York Board of Education soon after graduation.

During his employment with the Board of Education, Earl also tried his hand at boxing. It didn’t take him long, however, to realize that his greater talents were outside the boxing ring.

He then tried wrestling which also proved to not be his strong suit. But soon after his stint as a wrestler, he was convinced by a talented scout that with his superb physical development and obvious good looks he would do well as a strong man on the vaudeville circuit. The year was 1910, and Earl discovered his calling and destiny.

For about eight years, Earle toured the circuit and was a big success. It was during this time he met and started a partnership with a young man by the name of Charles Atlas.

Together they toured the Orpheum Circuit, giving countless demonstrations of strength, gymnastic feats, and muscle control. They were incredibly popular and sold out theaters across the United States.

Earle Liederman’s Theatrical stint developed his showmanship and confidence, but eventually he tired of life on the road. In 1919 he decided to put into action a long cherished plan to publish his exercise plan and sell it through mail order. He knew that there were many interested in his training courses due to all the requests he had received over the years.

Earle knew his training courses would work for anyone and everyone. Throughout his years of touring throughout the USA, there were many months that went by when he couldn’t get to a gym (there weren’t any as we know them today). During those years, he created his own system of exercise that was primarily free hand resistance exercises, with a few exercises that required his favorite form of equipment apparatus, which was an elastic chest expander.

The entire course was written so that anyone could train at home and attain a superb development just as he had done.To promote his courses, Earle wrote a series of powerful ads that tapped into the public’s worries and insecurities.

The human body has not changed in the past 150 years. What worked in developing the body in 1915 will work today in 2015. Today, Earle Liederman’s training courses can be used by many people reading this article with really, really good results.

Some time ago, I came across Earle Liederman’s workout course and purchased the entire program. I thoroughly read the entire program and can truthfully say that he hits the mark on all the aspects of working out, but I did find some very small gaps though that would need to be explained a little further.

I took the entire course and put everything together in a study course format so that I can have everything handy to look at and use in my own training. After putting the whole course together in a language that can be more easily understood, keep in mind that Earle Liederman wrote according to the culture of the time, which was the early 1910’s and 1920’s, I began using it in my own training and introducing it to many of my clients and many of my high school students.

I am currently offering the Earle Liederman course available. The course was originally $28,00 at one point, but I would not want the price of this important information to detour you from purchasing it. So I am making it easier for you to purchase the whole course.I have included the original course that Earle Liederman offered to his students along with my updated version, which includes the use of some very basic equipment. Next, I made a poster book version depicting all of Earle’s exercises so that you can see the techniques he used, and I also included a book on nutrition and diet, which can be used with the whole program. I am making this course available to you for just $17.00, which I think is reasonable. If you see that the course is not delivering what you expected, I do not see how it cannot unless you just put it aside, you have 30 days to try it and if not happy with the results I will refund your $17.00.

Go to //http://www.earlliedermancourses.com/to purchase the whole course. It will be delivered to you in minutes. The courses are in PDF format and ready to be downloaded to your computer.

Until next time,

God bless you all.


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