Who Rules The World?? Podcast Interview #5


In today’s podcast Michael Hur and myself will be discussing Who really rules the world. Now that we are approaching one of our most important elections in our nations history do we Americans really decide who will be elected or is the shadow government the one who has already picked our countries leaders. You will learn who really pulls the strings. With that said, we Americans are the ones who should fight hard in preserving or countries freedoms. We should use our common cense and see who has our best interest at heart. Note: it is not Hillary.





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  • The story of Nimrod, the tower of Babel and world control
  • The secret Societies
  • The United Nations
  • Carol Quigley, Bill Clintons mentor Tragedy and Hope p. 324 the banks are working all together to control the world; feudalistic system
  • Cecil Rhodes Rhodes scholar
  • The Federal Reserve banking system created 1913
  • Counsel of Foreign relations
  • The builder Berger group
  • The trilateral commission The trilateral commission is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. Senator Barry Goldwater
  • Communism
  • Socialism
  • Humanists
  • Illuminate the back of the dollar bill
  • The Rockefeller foundations
  • The Masons supreme court judges
  • The New Age The Aquarian conspiracy

2 thoughts on “Who Rules The World?? Podcast Interview #5”

  1. This podcast was another gem. I learned so much about what the shadow government or how the shadow government operates. Hey IAAM, have you ever heard of Dr. Stan Monteith? He had this radio show called Radio Liberty. he discusses a lot of what you and Michael Hur were talking about.

  2. I am happy you liked our interview. I plan to have Michael on as a regular along with Freddie from stop the left. Yes we are aware that the shadow government are the ones who choose our presidents with some exceptions of course. Yes I have heard of Dr. Stan Monteith and have some of his amazing materials specifically his book “Brotherhood of Darkness.” Dr. Stan was a christian brother who passed away back in September 2014 from cancer. Although many of his interviews and products can be purchased from his website along with his archived radio programs, questions were asked, “Who will replace Dr. Stan and continues to expose the shadow government”? I believe Michael Hur will be one of those Christian brothers who will do what Dr. Stan has done and that is to expose the globalists and the shadow governments wherever they are and I will have articles and podcasts discussing these things as well. I am pretty sure that Dr. Stan would be very happy with the outcome of last Tuesdays election results because Globalism was handed a knock out punch.

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