Who is Morrie Mitchell and Universal Bodybuilding?


Who is Morrie Mitchell? When I was a kid of about 10 years of age, I collected comic books like most kids did. This was during the 1970’s way before the internet, cell phones, IPads, lap tops and high tech video games; NOTE – Atari game system was beginning to make an impact on the video gameGenre at that time. As a kid, I loved reading many of the Marvel and DC comic titles. I usually gravitated toward the powerful heros and monsters like The Incredible hulk, The Thing from the fantastic four, Devil Dinosaur, Tarzan, Superman, Batman and the 1977 Marvel version of the Godzilla Comics.

Godzilla Comics

Tarzan Comics

As I collected and read many of the titles metioned, I would come accross the many ads for building muscles and particularly those put out by Universal Bodybuilding. The super hero’s had an impact on me when I was growing up and I wanted to be like many of those super hero’s I admired. When I would come across the Universal ads, I knew that the program they were selling could quite possibly help me build a super hero’s physique. Morrie Mitchell was the creator and owner of Universal Bodybuilding and the course named after the company.

Morrie Mitchell would become a mailorder giant in the bodybuilding / fitness market like those who came before him like Angelo Siciliano (Charles Atlas) and even earlier than Atlas; like Earle E. Liederman from the 1920’s. Note: go to Earle. E Liedermanand Earle E. Liederman course. In many of the black and white, newspaper print, wrestling and muscle magazines, Universal bodybuilding ads were seen selling the wonders of the Universal muscle building course.


DownLoad the Full Universal Bodybuilding Course in PDF here —>>>universal-bodybuildings-12-week-body-shaping-course-for-men-women-of-all-age
Morrie decided to begin training many aspiring muscle builders by mail. His mail order method was simple and incredibly effective. After creating the course he would place as many ads in boys and men magazines of the day that he could afford. Once you see the ad you would send out for free information, which is what I did once I purchased my Billard plastic, cement filled, weight set from the now defunct TSS stores.
When I purchased my first weight set at the age of twelve, I did not have anyone who could teach me how to train. I basically mimicked what I saw in the black and white muscle magazines. The Universal Bodybuilding course offered two actual workout methods, which were barbell exercises and bodyweight exercises along with lessons on nutrition and supplements. I figured that universal would be a logical choice in teaching me how to train.
So, I answered the ad for free information by copying the advertisement from the comic book, (Note: I did not like clipping ads directly from the comics due to the fact that it would destroy the comic book. LOL.) and then wait a week for a response.
A week later I would recieve the following free information in the mail shown below.
Universal BB 170001
Universal BB 16
Universal BB 15
Universal 13
Universal BB 100002Universal BB 12Universal BB 110003
Universal BB 90003Universal BB 8Universal BB 7Universal BB 6
Universal BB 5
Universal BB 3
Universal BB 4
Course number 3
As you can see, Morrie really covered all of the bases with his free information. This packet made it really enticing to place your order, which came to me in the form of weekly lessons of reading and performing the routine of exercises he prescribed.
The course would go into some basic barbell exercises and a basic barbell routine for those who owned a weight set. And for those who did not have a weight set, Morrie would give you a program of bodyweight exercises to do. All routines were to be performed three times weekly and one set per exercise so that soreness would be kept at a minimun, enthusiasm would remain high and over training kept at a bare bones minimum.
This program would also give you basic information on dieting to gain size with bulk protien drink recipies and dieting information for those wishing to lose weight fast. Morrie also published special courses for the abdominals, for the chest, for the arms and many more calling those specialized programs well, Specialized training programs.
Abs Course
Once you purchased the program the courses would look like this:
Triceps Push ups
Here is an example of a bodyweight exercise for triceps. This exercise is similar to doing the lying triceps extension with EZ Curls bar. This one picture uses only your own bodyweight. This is really a tough exercise and a really effective one. The other sheet we see Morrie’s barbell exercises for those with a weight set. Amazing stuff.
All of this brings back some really wonderful memories. I still refer to the Universal course from time to time. What I see here is that the Basics work great. One should always go back to the drawing board with the basics. From what I heard, Morrie Mitchell completely left the mail order body building genra. He had a website and sold the course electrinically in PDF. Shortly there after, Morrie would retire a multi millionaire alltogether taking down his website back in 2005. Now with a google search, you can get the whole course on PDF for free. You do not need to do the search because I am giving it to you here in this article.
Please let me know what you think and how the course works for you. As for Morrie, God bless him.
Until Next Time, God Bless.


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  1. Thanks for that. Always wondered about that in the back pages of Popular Science. Frankly I was not impressed with the physique of that sad-faced guy with his elbows up.

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