Victor Pride is dead Now the rise of NICK KELLY


Victor Pride was a persona for the ALPHA MALE named “Nick Kelly”. I guess after the release of his book “New World Ronin”, he decided to put to rest the persona he’d been writing and kicking ass under.

Bold and Determined made Victor Pride a Millionaire, and now B&D is complete. That must be a wonderful feeling. My blog intense apex alpha male was the inspiration that was finally conceptualized after I came across Bold and Determined. Prior to that I knew I had to have my voice heard but did not know how to go about it.

The thoughts that ran through my mind was to either start a website or a blog but I could not come up with something concrete. On June 15th 2013 I was doing some research for my newsletter on old school bodybuilding training. My search lead me to ( Once I got here, I noticed that this guy had many articles dedicated to men on how to be all you can be in a very manly way. I immediately was hooked because Victor Pride, now Nick Kelly, and I spoke the same language and basically thought the same way as well.


Like a bolt of lightning, that summer in August 2013 the intense apex alpha male was born. This was my forum to which I will get my voice heard to help many men (and real women with back bone) to swim out of the culture of sissies that is now plaguing our country.

There has been a resurgence of MANLY masculinity over the last several years. After decades of “feminism”, many of us, even conservatives, were brainwashed by it without realizing it. A group of men started on the Internet with the intention to teach men how to be and think like men and slowly matured to the point that now politics and philosophy are discussed as well. Their work has help lay the foundation for the future of western men. Vic Pride was part of that.

God Bless you Vic we here at IAAM will miss you. Now we will be looking forward to see what Nick Kelly has in store.



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