Veterans Day Tribute


Its Veterans Day here in the USA as I write this piece. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those wonderful men and women who gave, and have given, their lives for our country because without them we would not have the freedom lifestyle we have and enjoy here in America today, despite what the liberal candy asses and hippy jerks have to say.

America is an exceptional country because we have many individuals who believe this country, which gives us freedoms under our Christian-Jewdao constitution, is worth dying for.Despite the fact we currently have a president that is gutting the military and making deals with our enemies, and despite those fools who hate our military, it is because of them we have the freedoms to choose our own path. We still have those wonder full soldiers who love God and love America.

Remembering Veterans Day by Ronald Reagan November 11th 1985

God Bless the USA. We should make the proper provisions to give our veterans what they need; our country should give them the best of everything. They should have the best pension plans, the best medical insurance and the best salaries. But unfortunately, only the politicians have all of that. I never hear a politician giving priority to our veterans who without their service these politicians would not be doing what they do.

I would like to personally acknowledge my young friend Alberto for rising to the occasion and serve to protect our freedoms here in the USA. He is a man of true character who loves Jesus Christ and loves his country. God Bless you Alberto.

photo 2photo

I would also like to acknowledge my dear long time friend Billy who served back in the late 1960’s. God bless you Billy.

Billy pic 3Billy Hume pic 2

These men are true Intense Apex Alpha Males. The branch these two men serve(ed) is the marines.

Until Next Time

God Bless you all and God Bless America.


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  1. God bless those serving in our military. Just like you mentioned, they deserve the best of everything. It makes me sick when i hear this fruitcake president humilate our troops by cutting funding to our military. Once again, God bless all our intense apex alpha males in our armed forces.

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