Understanding Your Endocrine System for Massive Muscle Gains By Guest Blogger Leon Cruz

Note: Please remember to consult your physician if you plan to use the supplements discussed.

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Did you know that there are supplements that can help you activate and help elevate your testosterone levels, GH Levels and Insulin levels to help you on your quest in developing your body?

The human body has a complex Endocrine gland System. Scientific studies show that many weight training programs help in utilizing and activating your body’s test levels, GH levels and insulin sensitivity levels.

For example: Did you know that training on an empty stomach will help you utilize your GH and Test levels? This is great because we know that GH and Testosterone burn fat and build muscle as well as retard the aging process. Immediately following your training session, your body will use your post workout meal fully for building up your body and the muscles you worked. By drinking a high glycemic drink like grape juice and creating with glutamine, your body will, like a sponge, soak up all of the nutrients in that drink while spiking up your insulin levels, which we have learned is a transport hormone. After your workout your cortisol levels are high, by drinking a high glycemic drink you will spike your insulin levels, which in turn thwarts cortisol. Insulin is completely antagonistic to cortisol. That means when insulin levels are high, cortisol (the muscle destroying hormone or DEATH hormone) is low.

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Here are some Videos I did some time ago that go into depth on the supplements which help with utilizing your Endocrine glad System and muscle building.

Supplement Video 1 of 4

Supplement Video 2 of 4

Supplement Video 3 of 4

Supplement Video 4 of 4

I want to thank the I.A.A.M. for the opportunity in contributing to the Intense-Apex-Alpha-Male web-blog.

There will be more to come.

God bless you all.

Leon Cruz.

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