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We are truly blessed in many ways to be living in the Internet age. There was a time when all of our training information came from muscle magazines. Many of us would read articles or purchase the latest training course being offered and did the best we could to piece it together. Hiring some one to help us out with our training and diet was not that easy to find and if you were lucky enough to find someone you would have to pay through the teeth for such service.

Now we fast forward to the 21st century whare the internet has become a blessing and a curse. We have a boat load of information, so much so that we are still stuck with a dilema; and that is syphoning through all the info and determining what is useful and what is not. This is the same problem we had when all we had were the muscle magazines. As time goes on many of us gain expirence and knowlege and are better at diserning who is credible and who is not. Well, I am here to help many skip the learning and research curve by introducing to you John Doe Bodybuilder. I discovered John around July of 2013. Based on my expirence I have concluded that JD Is the real deal in bodybuilding. For those who are inexpirenced, please allow me to share with you what I have learned from JD.


JD has over 20 years of expirence as both a bodybuilder by Lifestyle and expirence as a competitive Bodybuilder. He has help many types of bodybuilders get into fantastic shape like Victor Pride (aka Nick Kelly).His services will help shave off many years of trial and error fustration. By aquiring JD’s services, you will skip the learning curve and go directly into what works for you with JD’s help and expirence, and its all at an affordable price.

This is from JD’s website. Read it carefully.

Train with John Doe

Let me ask you a couple of questions

Are you embarrassed to take your shirt off at the pool?

Are you sick and tired of not pulling hot tail on a regular basis?

Wish there was something you could do about it?

That’s exactly how I used to feel, until I manned up and took care of it!!

This is what I did, and it’s what I’m here to offer YOU:

Start transforming your body AND your mind today!!

How can you transform your body and mind? Easy, train with the best, John Doe Bodybuilding.

I offer personal training and consulting.Get it the door now and you can come train with the best, remember though I onlyhave afew openingsfor new clients.

I’ll teach you how to transform your physique into granite

When you use my key dieting strategies and training routines there is no guesswork involved.

Just follow my plan designed specifically for YOU and you will get results.

I literally get every detail ofyour daily layout before I ever design a program for you.

This way the program is tailored just for you and most importantly.IT’S MANAGEABLE!!

I love changing lives and showing people the way to getting big and lean!!

I’ll show you everything from how to eat and cook, to how to train for gains.I love it all and I’ve made it my life!!

Maybe you have no idea what temperature to cook your chicken or fish at, or you aren’t sure how to execute a certain movement without your shoulders hurting..I can teach you everything!!

I can show you ways to modify your training to work through an injury and rehab the injury. I can show you routines that will ensure maximal recovery and muscle growth without adding unwanted bodyfat!!

I’ve been there and done it all and I can teach you everything!!

Do you know why I can do all of this? BECAUSE I REINVENTED WHO I WAS!!

I actually reinvented myself one day when I made the choice to pack up my car and move away from the only town I’d ever known!!

You cantotally reinvent who you are.

I’vemet some characters along the way, butmy best friend was the gym and nutrition!!

The gym never turned it’s back on me and it got me through some rough times in life.

You get to a point in life where you stop giving a damn about what everyone else is doing and you start focusing on yourself.

That’s what I began doing and I realized that I was more disciplined and goal oriented than most other people.

I thought to myself;why not continue to enhance myself? I became my own self-motivator.

Most people only exist to bring you down in life. People want to see you fail because it builds them up.

I’ve always been different than those people. People like that are losers andyou need to surround yourself with winners.

I do not want to see you fail, I want to see you succeed.

And I’m here to help you succeed every step of the way. For the ultimate life change come train with me.

The only way you are going to lose is if you don’t put in the work.

But the recipe for success will be there for you, the check-ins and accountability will be there for you, and your brother in the gym will be there for you!!

In the 20 years I’ve been in this game I’ve learned a lot, you can learn it all too in much less time when you work with the best!!

So stop fucking around and start getting results today!!

If you want the edge on building a Greek God physique then let me let you in on a little something

There are ways to achieve a Greek God physique quickly!

But most of the information out there is the furthest thing from the truth.

Through years of sweat an hard work in the gym, I know the real secretto building a Greek God physique

The secret isnot always steroids, its not always the workouts.

What is it?

You haveto take advantage of different phases during a growing/lean out process.

Most people will gear their workouts around a goal at the end of x number of weeks.

This may be losing a certain # of pounds, preparing for a competition or a photo shoot, trying to land a relationship with some girl, or maybe several relationships with many girls.

The truth is that most people want to get in awesome shape

But the information they are getting is not right for them at that given point in time.

What Im saying is this; they would benefit more from a different path to achieve that goal.

There are a number of ways to diet and to build muscle. But the reality of the situation is most guys are leaving SO MUCH on the table.

They are starting off in too much of a deficit and losing muscle, they are having trouble finding a way to diet that they can stick to, they are overtraining and under-eating, amongst God only knows whatever else is holding them back.

Whats the solution?

Stop continuously spinning your wheels and getting nowhere!

If you arent getting the results you want, let someone with almost 20 years of experience in the field of training and nutrition assist you.

If some guy approached me 20 years ago and told me that the information he would give me would save me about 10 years worth of trial and error, man I would have jumped on it.

ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I tell someone is for one reason;

I want to produce the largest and leanest individual I can (with a pleasing look).

Its not to make the freakiest looking guy I can in 8 weeks, its to make a guy who will blow past that guy time and time again down the road.


  • Anabolic priming before building/cutting and how to do it
  • Staying strong while in a calorie deficit
  • Real world dieting strategies (fancy, organic, protein crabcake recipes are nice, but are you realistically going to make that shit every time you eat? LOL)
  • Time management and achieving a super physique with limited time -cost effective ways to cook and shop
  • Insulin sensitivity- how to set yourself up for it, and take full advantage of it!!
  • Proper ways to use performance enhancers and limit legal risks!!
  • Proper hormone replacement and interpreting your bloodwork
  • Preventative care with your body

If you want to save yourself a whole lot of time and money, inquire about a training program today!!

Come get it from someone who doesnt feed you a pack of lies just to take your money!!!

I know you wantreal results and havequestions that needanswers and I’m here to answer them.

The problem with what I do is I fucking love it, so I can’t not help people out when they come to me!!

But it takes a lot of my time and I have to limit my number of clients, so be sure to get your training package NOW before I’m completely booked.

I dont know if you remember but probably last March I had contacted you with some questions related to bodybuilding. I found your answers surprisingly honest.I wanted to write you and tell you thank you for everything you did for me this past fall when I was getting ready for my first mens physique competition at the age of 54.

I contacted you again about your summer shred contest. At this point I was spent as I had been on a diet for a few months and working out twice a day and just was exhausted. BUT I needed to continue because I was getting ready for the show in NovemberBUT once again you were honest and told me if you have any doubt that you can make it the twelve weeks then dont do it I knew at the time they way I felt I needed a break. You could have easily taken my money like 99.9 percent of all the coaches out there would.

If you remember at 14 weeks out from the show I contacted you about your coaching and to see if you could get me stage ready. The main reason I contacted you again about coaching was because of your honesty and no-bullshit styleplus you knew what the hell you were doing. In your typical style you only charged me for 12 weeks instead of 14 (thank you for that)

I had originally hired a coach locally at 16 weeks out, mainly for posing, but his program came with diet and workouts as well. I remember showing what I was doing and you were like what in the hell is this guy wanting to take you catabolic from day one. You made great changes to my diet and workout program.

I really appreciate all you did for me leading up to the show. You made the right changes to my diet at the right time, weather that being add carbs, cut carbs, add fat, cut fat. Definitely not a one size fits all meal plan that the majority of coaches are pedaling. I think what was important to get me through the hard times was some tough love you showed me and then other times letting me know that what I was going through was natural as you had been through this process many times before.

Thank you so much for having me stage ready..not Friday the day before..not Sunday the day after.But right on target on Saturdayas a matter of fact you nailed with about two hours of me filling out before walking on stageabsolutely incredible.

I will be giving you a call for the next show.Erik F.54-year-old Men’s Physique Competitor

The results that I have gotten training with John these last 12 weeks are second to none. I have been training for over 3 years straight and have studied and trained many different styles and programs trying to figure out my body and what works best for me. What I liked about training with John is that he help me figure out what worked best for me diet, rest and training wise. When I saw that John was holding this Operation Mass Monster Contest and saw that we got to train with him during this contest at a discounted price, I was like “hell yeah” I’m in! I was able to put on a solid 11lbs and go from 175 to 186lbs. The other thing that happened is that I actually look leaner now than when I started. Although I am bigger now than when I started I am also more defined. All this was done just following John’s diet and training plan. Even if you only follow the principle you will see results.

M. Lopez
Operation Mass Monster Winner

Hi mate, firstly thank you for your kind words on your blog. I had been away and closed myself off to the world. So I did not see it till recently it was moving and I felt both appreciation and honored. (thanks for blocking out my identity). Honestly, it’s I who should be honoring you. It’s not an easy path we have chosen for ourselves, I turned 50 today and man I look back at my life and wonder WTF, how could you do the job you chose. It’s because our Destiny’s are programmed in us at conception, its fucking genetic. I was always going to be a soldier, you a **********. If not that something else that required us to put our asses on the line. When the shit hits the fan and everyone else is running away, we run toward the fight. It’s as simple as it is complex, We are warriors.

Sure, I did things in the line of, but fuck it. It was them or us it was always gonna be us. We did what we had and the fact that I even entertained the idea of self pity was human but wrong.

I found myself in the deepest and darkest of pits, you know that and I was suicidal. Very hard for me to admit and harder to ask for help, so very difficult to expose my vulnerabilities to you. For you to see the wretched person id become. I knew though deep down inside that the warrior would do what all warriors do. We learn, accept, adapt, we find a fucking way, we overcome, we win and we fucking survive. I never told you the extent of my physical or psychological issues. When I first contacted you I was coming off of a Widow maker should of killed me but I survived. Doctors could not believe it, but then again they didn’t know the guy on the table once dragged himself out of hell itself with 5 broken ribs and a broken leg, bleeding out. They didn’t know it took him 5 day’s and that he just refused to die.

You fucking knew man deep down you had faith in me even though I could not follow through you knew. I want you to know that I appreciate and respect you and believe you to be a man of substance. I want you to keep doing what you are doing, never stop because what you do is real and it makes a difference. I would ask of you to give your wife and children a big hug, tell them you love them. Then I want you to show them this photo if you wish and let them know that you were a big part of healing and old soldier.

Merry xmas, I’m going away for 3 months to catch up with some mates. I wish to live my life to the fullest and put past demons aside.

It took longer than we thought but it got done.

Thank you.

Name undisclosed

Find the training and consulting package that works for you, and get started on your Greek God physique NOW!!


2 Consults & Custom 8-Week Training/Diet Plan

8-Week Meal Plan

8-Week Diet Plan

8-Week Training Plan

Two 30-minute Skype phone sessions with John Doe



12 Weekly Consults & Custom 12-Week Training/Diet Plan

12-Week Meal Plan

12-Week Diet Plan

12-Week Training Plan

Weekly Skype phone sessions with John Doe



1 Consult & Custom 4-Week Training/Diet Plan

4-Week Meal Plan

4-Week Diet Plan

4-Week Training Plan

One 30-minute Skype phone consultation with John Doe



This amazing service is truly a God send. Now you have a real successful Athele helping you achieve your muscle building goals.

Also, Here are some great books by JD that are a must have for your reference library. JD’s books are

  1. Becoming The Bull – If you want to lose weight and build muscle each and every week like clockwork without ever feeling like youre on a diet this may be the most exciting news you read this year. FACT: Most diet and training programs will STOP working once you hit a certain point. FACT: Your strength progress is not just determined by genetics but by the right plan (and sometimes drugs) at the right time. FACT: The wrong training and diet plan will have you waste time you could be using to put on 15 lbs of lean muscle right now.
  2. Straight from the Underground

    The Ultimate Guideto Using Steroids Safely and Effectively for a Bad-Ass Body.

    John Doe

    I am not a doctor nor am I a scientist.

    I am a muscular guy who has gotten a lot of attention and recognition for my physique.

    There are thousands of articles and studies out there that talk about the same things that I talk about. The difference is Ive done them and I can relate.

    I dont claim to know everything, but I can help you build one hell of a body!!

    If you want to stop spinning your wheels increase muscle size get shredded and finally have people pay attention to you and say, “Who’s that big motherf*****??”

    Then you’re in the right place!!

    Thank you JD for your books courses and services. I will endorse JD to antone and everyone who wants to get into great shape.

    Until Next Time,

    God bless.


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