The Psychology of Being a Loser part 2


This article is a continuation from the last article titledThe Psychology of Being a Loser.

“This life is the only one we get here on earth anyway. We will all die. There is no way around it. Knowing this undeniable fact; what do we choose to do with our lives? Winners choose to live it to the fullest, never wasting their precious little time doing mundane work for mundane pay. Losers (people who live their lives afraid) take the easy way, the irony is that its much harder, and choose to work and toil their lives away for nothing.

So there lies the question, can a loser become a winner? The answer is a resounding yes. It requires nothing more than a change in thought. Choose to stop being afraid. Choose to not live in fear. Get your emotions in check and start using your brain instead. When this choice is made an entire world of possibilities open up. After all, what are people afraid of? death? Everybody dies. You will die so why be afraid? Youre going to eat dinner tomorrow night, are you scared of that too? There is no reason to ever be afraid of dying. There is no reason to ever think that other people can live great lives but you can’t. Oh, thats ok for him but I’ve got bills and a house and a car and a million other excuses. Bullcrap. We say these things to make us feel better about choosing the crappy life. Don’t for one second think that you can’t do it. That’s a lie. You can do it. If you choose not to it’s cowardice on your part. Kill the Bear or die trying, but don’t give up before you start.”

This is a great quote from an article big Vic Pride wrote and blogged about, which leads into what we are going to discuss here.


Your goals will be set only by you and you alone. No one can decide for you what winning will mean to you. But I have one simple suggestion and that is to THINK BIG. Within reason, you can get from life everything you want and need. Is the office manager’s job what you really want as your goal? Or would you rather be a company vice president or perhaps form your own company and be president and majority stockholder? Is moving up the corporate ladder really what you want? Or is your real dream to be an artist or a writer or develop your physique? Don’t hide your real goals because you think they are unrealistic or too hard to achieve. A winner gets what he really wants out of life, not what someone else tells him he should want. Accept this statement as truth: “YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT FROM LIFE, PROVIDED YOU DO NOT INFRINGE ON THE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF OTHER PEOPLE.” You are not obliged to live your life according to the standards someone sets for you.

You are a free human being, and as such you have every right to reach out for everything you really want from life. Starting with this promise, you may discover your life is not at all what you really want it to be. Is the house you live in really where you want to live? Is the job you hold really what you want to spend your life doing? Are the friends you have the type of people you want as friends? If the answer to questions like these is no, what are you going to do about it? What goals are you going to set for yourself?

Start setting your goals by believing you can have any kind of life you want. What kind of work do you really want to do? Where do you really want to live? What habits do you want to break? What new habits do you want to form? There are no limits, no restrictions. You can have whatever you really want. Naturally you must be realistic. If you are a 45 year old man, it is an unrealistic to set a goal of becoming a major league baseball player. But if you truly love baseball, there are many goals concerning baseball you could set for yourself. You could join a woman’s baseball team, or become a baseball coach, or maybe even own your own major league baseball team. Do not set unrealistic goals. Set high goals. Set some difficult goals. Set goals you truly want, even if they seem almost unattainable. You may be absolutely amazed at what you can achieve once you start acting like a winner.

“I bargained with life for a penny, and life would pay no more,

However I begged at evening when I counted my scanty store.

For life is a just employer, He gives you what you ask,

but once you have set the wages, why, you must bear the task.

I worked for menial’s hire,

only to learn dismayed,

that any wage I had asked of life,

life would have willingly paid.”

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A man lives in a five million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. He is a rich and famous Hollyweird movie star. By contrast another man lives in a small town in Nebraska. He earns $15,000 a year working in a hardware store and lives in a small apartment with his wife and two children. One man is a winner and the other a loser. But, which is which? If you picked the movie actor as the winner, you would be wrong. He’s the loser. He started out being unhappy and insecure and told himself that if he were rich and famous all that would change. Once he got to the top in show business, he’d be a self-confident and content person. He spent several years fighting his way to stardom and the wealth that goes with it, but things didn’t work out the way he expected. He is as miserable today as he ever was. Now he abuses drugs to try to make himself happy. He has pills to go to sleep, pills to wake up, and other narcotics to help him get through the day.

The man from Nebraska is happy and lives his life with passion and an optimistic attitude. He doesn’t make much money now, but he is going to night school so he can get a better job. Some day he hopes to start his own business. But money’s not the most important thing to him. He has a nice family and several good friends. He is respected and well-liked by the people in his community. He gets great enjoyment from simple things like taking his family to the park or having some friends over for a barbeque. Although he hopes to accomplish some big things later on, he is content and happy for right now. This person is a winner. Not in every respect, but in the most important ways. There is nothing wrong with being as rich and famous as the movie star. Having this kind of success is fine. But it won’t make you a real winner if as a person you are a loser. In fact 90% of being a winner has to do with the kind of person you are, not the amount of money you have. Unfortunately, many people lose sight of this when setting their goals.

A major part of your goal setting should concern itself with becoming the kind of person you want to be. Are you a person who is generally happy and able to enjoy life’s adventures? If not, becoming this kind of person might be an excellent goal. The idea that you’ll be happy after you become president of the company just doesn’t work. For one thing, you may never become president of the company. But even if you did get the job, you would find it wouldn’t make you happy anyway. Being happy and enjoying life is a habit. You can’t decide to suddenly start enjoying life the day some big future event occurs. It doesn’t work that way. But you can set a goal for yourself of being a happy person who enjoys life. Naturally you will have your ups and downs, but over all your general attitude towards life will be postive.

Do you take good care of your health? It is very hard to be a winner if you do not have good health. Some goal setting in this area is very important. How about your character? Are you a person of high standards? Do you display honesty, integrity, generosity? Or are you a small time Charley, a dead beat, or some punk? Do you stand by your word? Or do you try to shortchange somebody whenever you get the chance like losers do? Do you brag about how you skipped out owing the landlord rent or write the man at the market a bad check to steal his groceries? Is this really the kind of person you want to be? Is this your idea of a winner? Some goal setting in that area would be in order.

Do you like yourself? Do you have high self-esteem? Are you the kind of person other people look up to and admire and respect? Are you proud of the person you are? If not, it would be wise to spend some time deciding what kind of a person you would like to be, and then set some goals to make yourself into that person.


Until next time, God Bless you all and begin giving serious thought and application to what is being set here.


  • This article has got me pumped, lock and loaded for action. Thanks.