The Last of the HardCore Bodybuilding Gyms


As I write this, many of the hardcore bodybuilding Gyms are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Many really good gyms that are fairly priced and have daily passes for about $5.00 to train as you go are now being replaced by those big pricey big chain gyms with their outrageous prices and stupid scheduling and no daily recurring passes.We see stupid pathetic health clubs like planet fitness (Planet Sickness) becoming a place where no deadlifting, squatting or grunting is allowed, and performing those muscle building exercises is taboo.

Instead of training elbow to elbow with bodybuilders, power lifters and wrestlers, you will be working out elbow to elbow with insecure little panty waists nerds and geeks who quite possibly will be intimidated by you if you are training hardcore.

Over at Marcy Avenue in Brooklyn there is a hardcore gym that has resided there since its founding back in 1975. The Gym is called FRENCHIES GYM and it is owned by Santos Ramos (Known as Frenchie) hence the name of the gym.

This gym is one of the last real gyms in New York. I discovered this gym back in 1994 when I was 16 years of age. It had everything a bodybuilder could ever want and still does. The gym was furnished similar to that of the original Golds gym out in California. The only cardio equipment there was one stationary bike by Tunturi. Everything else was barbells, racks of dumbbells, angled benches, Universal multi station Unit, low cable row, lat machines, peck deck machines, Power racks, leg press machines, leg extension-leg curl machines, seated and standing calf machines, cable crossovers pulleys and tons of plates in both Olympic and standard.

The gym at that time was opened from 10:00 AM to 8:30 P.M.

Frenchies Gym




If you are ever in the area of Williamsburg brooklyn, pay Frenchies a visit or to workout. Go to

Frenchies Gym
Address: 303 Broadway #3, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone:(718) 384-9461



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