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Hello guys. In today’s post I would like to give you an exam content outline for the ACE Personal Trainer Exam. This is in answer to the many questions that I have received concerning the ACE Personal trainer exam.

I have taken the exam many years ago, but due to my negligence have allowed it to falter. Therefore, I do plan to take the test again. This time I will keep it current. I do not plan to be a “on call” personal trainer. Nor do I plan to work in a health club as a personal trainer. Then why retake the ACE test? I believe that learning more about fitness and bodybuilding should be an on going process and should never stop. By taking a test on one of the subjects I cover here at I.A.A.M., I will be able to further expand my knowledge base on the intricacies of training and working out. I will also be able to write in more detail about our passion, which is training and working out. Plus I will be in a unique position to help many of my blog readers, who plan to take the ACE test, with information for the test.

PDF FILECPT-Exam-Content-Outline

ACE Personal Trainer Manual: The Ultimate Resource for Fitness Professionals (Fourth Edition)

To begin, I would like to give you an outline to the ACE personal Trainer Exam. You can also download a copy above of the outline presented here. So now, lets begin with what you need to study and what to look for when you take the test.


TASK # 1: Identify health problems / Risk factors

TASK # 2: Obtain lifestyle information

* Exercise.

* Good Nutrition.

* Stress alleviation / Management.

* Routine Check-ups.

Health Screen Forms


TASK # 1: Select and administer fitness tests.

TASK # 2: Analyse and interpret fitness test data.

TASK # 3: Emergencies.

The Four Components of Physical Fitness

*Cardio Respiratory efficiency – Aerobic endurance during exercise and resting.

* Muscular strength and Endurance.

* Muscle and Joint Flexibility

* Body composition or how fat or lean you are.

(A) Measure blood pressure – note: the ideal blood pressure reading should be 120/80 although debatable. Diastolic blood pressure is the pressure that remains during the filling phase. The systolic blood pressure is pressure created by the heart as it pumps blood out.

(B) Measure Heart Rate.

(C) Cardio Respiratory Endurance testing-Estimated maximal heart rate = 220 – age

* To test heart rate you would use the YMCA Sub-Maximal Bicycle test.

* A Metronome set at 50 or 100 BPM. (It works well to borrow a metronome and record about 15 minutes of correct rhythm.)

* A Timer to time the test duration.

* A stop watch to time heart rate or a heart rate monitor.

* A stethoscope to count heart rate.

* Testing forms to record data.

Sub-Maximal step test

* A 12 – inch high step bench

* A Metronome for accurate pacing (96 BPM)

* A Timer for timing the three minute test and the one – minute recovery.

* Test forms to record data.

The RockPort fitness walking test (1 Mile Walk)

The RockPort fitness treadmill test.

(D) Body Composition Testing and Evaluation.

* Caliper skin fold measurement

* Girth Measurment.

(E) Flexibility Testing and Evaluation.

* Trunk Flexion

* Trunk Extension

* Hip Flexion

* Shoulder Flexability

(F) Muscular Strength and Endurance testing and Evaluation.

* Sit Up Test

* Push Up Test

* Bench Press Test

* Follow up Consultation

Individual Program Design

TASK #1 Select activities / Exercises

Program Implementation

TASK # 1: Instruct the client

TASK # 2: Supervise and monitor client

TASK # 3: Motivate client

TASK # 4: Basic first aid and or CPR

TASK # 5: Minimization of risk

Re- Evaluate

TASK # 1: Reassessment of progress and goals.

Professional / Ethical issues

TASK # 1: Ethical Practice

TASK # 2: Professional limitations

TASK # 3: Legal Issues

Well Guys, this is what the ACE personal trainer test outline looks like, which gives you a map on what you need to know to pass the test. I will keep you posted on much more as I go through the process of studying and preparing for the test.

Until then, God bless you all.


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