Victor Pride is dead Now the rise of NICK KELLY

Victor Pride was a persona for the ALPHA MALE named “Nick Kelly”. I guess after the release of his book “New World Ronin”, he decided to put to rest the persona he’d been writing and kicking ass under. Bold and Determined made Victor Pride a Millionaire, and now B&D is complete. That must be a […]

Read the laws – You may be exempt from many laws and taxes

  There have been many articles discussing the topic of how the USA has dropped from being a nation that welcomes economic freedom. I posted one such article titled Hong Kong’s miraculous progress. This article discusses many of the benefits to having an economic association with Hong Kong. Victor Pride from published a great […]

Tips on dating and relationships from the Millennium Warrior

Here we have another insightful article from our guest blogger, the Millennium Warrior. Enjoy!! Last week, marked my three year anniversary with my girlfriend, Katherine. Now, I’m not going to spend the next 45 minutes talking about how much I love her. Trust me, she knows. But as I started to reflect on this 3 […]