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Why you MUST protect your life savings from possible Hyperinflation by guest blogger John T. Reed


I told you so. Greece is giving you a classic lesson in why you must protect your life savings from possible hyperinflation.

The Eruozone finally showed it had a spine. Who knew? The Eruozone banks will lose hundreds of billions because of the delay in finding that spine. They made idiotic loans to the Greeks in Greece, who are a bunch of deadbeats going back centuries. Continue reading Why you MUST protect your life savings from possible Hyperinflation by guest blogger John T. Reed

Financial Independance How to become wealthy part 3




Introduction: — When I was a teenage kid in high school many of my teachers were seen as people who encouraged success in academics and in life as well as life’s pursuits. When I decided to become a teacher and a guidance counselor, I immediately learned the complete contrary. You see, many of those people who are employed by the education system, and go to these colleges, especially in New York City, and teachers, do not share in what is called individualism. The liberal socialists that make up the education system all believe in collectivism. Collectivism is where everyone thinks the same way, (thinking like the masses or behaving like mindless sheep) talk the same, vote for the same party (democrat), believe in the same crap philosophy (liberalism) being vomited out by the freak liberal establishment and do not revel in a student’s success if that student goes on to build a business and becomes a millionaire, or has a conservative independent frame of thinking. I am the complete opposite to many of these people. I am the odd man out and I am outnumbered by 12 to 1 here in the liberal state of New York. The series of articles I have published on the topic of financial independence would actually be frown upon by the freaks over here in New York City with some slight exception of course.

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Financial Independance – How to become wealthy part 2


The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved through hard work.

The American Dream. The chance to go from rags to riches. To start with nothing and then, through hard and calculated work and personal initiative, lift yourself from poverty to wealth. The American success story has been a tradition of this country since its beginning.

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Home Office Tax Deductions


Now that the new year is around the corner (2015), we start to think about tax time. At least I do. For those entreprenuers out there who are in business for them selves and for those who are planning on starting a business at home, I would like to share some tax insights with you.  Continue reading Home Office Tax Deductions

Financial Independance – How to become wealthy Part 1

moneyHow to become wealthy
Part 1

I know that there are probably many blogs out there and many magazine articles that have been written and dedicated to the subject of financial independence, but I would like to share with you what I have learned on this topic. I will also give you some reference materials so that you can continue learn, and education yourself as you apply what is being conveyed here.
Most American are, for all practical purposes, broke at the age of 65. This may seem like a bold statement, but you will realize that it is true if you consider that the vast majority of people do not have any significant income aside from earnings from their job. And at 65, when most people’s earnings end, this suddenly becomes a crisis. Probably no more than one in fifty people are financially independent at this point in their lives. The rest must either continue to work or attempt to survive on a pension, social security, which, by the way, may not be there for those people who are now, as of this writing 55 years of age and under, or charity. In most cases, this income is not enough to allow them to enjoy a comfortable life style.

Some people say they are above worrying about money, that there are more important things. But life does not allow you to simply choose to be above the concern for money. It takes money to live and a shortage of money will invariably cause you suffering regardless of your philosophical outlook toward it. The majority of Americans simply assume that at retirement age the company they have worked for or the government will take care of them. Most are aware that they will have to lower their standards of living. But they tell themselves that at this point in their lives they will have simpler needs. The realities of retirement often come as a shock. Why do so many people fail to retire with financial dignity after 40 years of hard, steady work?

The major reason is almost too simple: they have never seriously tried to obtain financial security for themselves. In other words, they have failed economically mainly because they have never really tried not to fail. Another reason is simple ignorance, which includes a failure to understand what money really is, what is required for financial security and how economic security can be obtained. There are too many stories of people who have lost money needlessly because of ignorance either their own ignorance or the ignorance of investment counselors they have hired to advise them. Also, many people who thought they were taking steps to secure their financial future were falling victim to the promotions of charlatans who promised financial success but only planned to line their own pockets at the expense of those who trusted their money to them.

The saddest thing about all this is that they are totally unnecessary; unnecessary, because anyone of average intelligence can become financially independent. It’s really not hard to do. It can even be done at whatever pace you care to set. It can be done in a matter of months through an aggressive all-out pursuit, or it can be done leisurely on a safe, sure course over a period of years. What’s more, it can be done without working hard, without putting in long hours and without doing anything that is either difficult or unpleasant.

Achieving economic success is not a matter of luck or inborn instinct. It is a skill, a technique that can be taught. If you have the will to succeed if you will choose to take intelligent steps to guarantee your financial future, then you can be taught how to become financially independent.

There will be more on this topic on lesson form to help all of the bro’s out there who think like winners.
God Bless.

Who is Dan Pena?

Dan Pena
Dan Pena

Hello all. Just the other day I was reading the website for winners, Bold and Determined. As I read, Big Vic Prides, latest and greatest article, the name Dan Pena came up in the comments section. Many of the bro’s who comment on the website for winners, are winners as well and probably that is why this person’s name came up. I would like to share with you what I learned and discovered about this amazing man, Dan Pena. Dan Pena wrote a book titled “Your First 100 Million” and in it he discussed some very important principles and the mind set needed to become a financial success. Here is a quote from Dan’s book:

“This is a book about making money.
I don’t mean a few extra bucks in your spare time. Any moron can do that. I don’t mean increasing your sales 20%, or buying real estate or getting into the discount mortgage scam. I’m talking about making so much money you can’t count it , you’ve got to weigh it.
This is no “get rich quick” book either. “Get rich quick” implies “get rich easy,” and if you think you can get rich easy in today’s world, you’re either about to murder your rich uncle or you’re stupid.

I also included a sample of his book here so that you can download it and get a taste of the condensed version. But I advise you to purchase the whole book because it is a must read for all who seek a kick ass way to begin making money. Plus the small version is only 22 pages where the whole book is a whopping 320 pages. You will obviously get more of the details from the whole book.


Your First 100 Million short 22 page version of the big 320 page version. Download here—>>Your First 100 Million

Who is Dan Pena?

Daniel S. Pena Sr. was born August 10, 1945. Dan Pena is also known as Dan Pena. He is a Hispanic-American businessman, entrepreneur, mentor, and business coach, born in Jacksonville, Florida. Today, he resides at his historic Guthrie Castle in Scotland and in Asia-Pacific.
Dan Pena is prominent for his seven-day Castle Seminar on Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) Methodology. He is the author of a popular book “Your First Hundred Million.”

Dan served in the US Army. After his service, he received a BS in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) in 1971. Upon leaving college, he worked in real estate, and then joined Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis and subsequently Bear Stearns. After that, he was President and CEO of Kennedy Industries Inc. and then Chairman of JPK Industries, Inc.

In 1982, he founded Great Western Resources Inc., (GWRI), a Houston-based natural resource company. When he left the company in 1992, the company had a public market capitalization of over 300 million. Dan Pena owned around 10 percent shares of GWRI when he left in 1992. He was ousted by the company’s board of directors, which he later sued and won $4.3 million in actual damages for refusing to pay his employment contract.
In 1997, Great Western Resources Inc. was purchased by Forcenergy, for $48.3 million, which itself was bought in 2000, by Forest Oil Corporation, for about $615 million in stock. Harmac acquired Great Western Resources from Forest Oil, in July 2005.

In 2003, after nearly twenty years of work, Dan Pena made Guthrie Castle available for public bookings. The grounds also contains a golf course which Dan wanted to be very difficult to play.

Pena is founder and Chairman of The Guthrie Group, which is an investment consortium, incorporated on the Channel Islands in 2002 and named after Guthrie Castle in Scotland.

Pena also has business interests in the Philippines, where he is Founder and Chairman of iZone Technologies.

Watch the video and read the booklet once you download it and then comment here on what you think. Personally, I like this guy’s realism. He tells you what you need to know and not what you want to hear.

Until Next Time,
God Bless.

How to be your own boss: 8 Steps

Today, for this segment, I would like to introduce you to another one of our trusted guest bloggers. His name is Albert Haggert. He is an financially independent entrepreneur who has been writing articles for quite sometime. He wanted to impart his knowledge with our readers here at the Intense-Apex-Alpha Male blog. Please welcome Albert.


Working in your pajamas, setting your own hours, having good coffee at your desk for a change … there are lots of reasons people dream of leaving the normal workplace and launching out to become their own boss. The perks are great, but the work is still hard. If you’re serious about being your own boss and working from home, you can definitely do it; here are the steps you need to take. Continue reading How to be your own boss: 8 Steps