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I know that there are many people that do not believe that supplements add any value to their muscle building efforts or that supplements simply are a waste of money and just do not work, but I am of the school of thought that believes supplements do work quite well for building muscle. The problem is trying to find out which ones. You open up any muscle magazine, and you are bombarded with ads upon ads from supplement companies. I have been in the bodybuilding game for a long time. I have come accross crap that usually is advertsed for a very short while. You see, if a supplement does not work, people simply will not buy it any more. This is free enterprise at its best. You are the consumer and you decide. For example, if you look at a muscle magazine say of about twenty years ago, you will see ads for supplements that are no longer being produced because they do not work. With some slight exception supplements that do not work will not last very lone. The exception being if big government steps in like it did in the early 2000’s with the pro-hormones. Stupid government pansies.

I will give you a list of supplements that do work and have been around for over twenty years or so. I have used many of these myself with good results. Depending on your muscle building goals,you should plan carefull which supps to use. The one I will cover will work well.

1) Animal Paks – Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Supplement, 44-Count– These supplements have been around for about 30 years. Universal Supps pride themselves being old school nutrition. These paks will pack your body with a boat load of important nutrients to help your body recover from your training and help pevent you from getting sick from common colds. That has been my expirence with these and I still use them today.

2) Creatine – NOW Foods Creatine Powder, 2.2 Pounds I use this supplement throughout the day. This supplement is relatively cheap for all of the benefits you get from it. This supplement has been studied to death and many have concluded that plain white powder creatine is the best and works well for building strength and muscle building.

3) Gluthamine – Body Fortress 100% Pure Glutamine Powder, 300 Grams– This is another great functional supplement that will help you recover well from your workouts. I use Gluthamine with nice results.

4) Branched Chain Amino Acids – Jarrow Formulas BCAAC with Glutamine and B6, 120 Capsules These amino acids have been around for well over fourty years because they work really well in helping to build muscle. I use these also.

5) Amino Acids – Universal Nutrition 100% Beef Aminos, 400 Tablets– Amino acids are prdigest protein. These come in really handy when dieting. These feed the muscles well when dieting for size or to get ripped.

6) Milk & Egg protein powder – Universal Nutrition System Milk & Egg Protein 1.5-pound Jar Milk and Egg protein powder is as old school as you can get. This great meal replacement and food supplement works great for building muscle size and strength. I use this with regularity as one of my meals or along with meals.

7) Liver Tablets – UNI-LIVER 250TABS – Liver tablets are a great way to get beef amino acids and boat loads of B -Vitamins into your system. These supps work well also.

8) Vitamin E – Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that ‘scavenges’ the body’s free radicals. Free radicals are thought to contribute to aging and contribute to a number of health problems. Vitamin E supplement is an important tool in the battle against aging, heart disease and cancer. Do not listen to the candy asses disused as doctors in the media telling you that supplements do not work and that Vitamin E can kill you. That is all a lie from those who want to take away your freedom to choose how you want to take care of yourself. Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties are also important to cell membranes. For example, vitamin E protects lung cells that are in constant contact with oxygen and white blood cells that help fight disease. But the benefits of vitamin E’s antioxidant role may actually go much further. There is significant evidence vitamin E can protect against heart disease and may slow the deterioration associated with aging. Critics scoffed at such claims in the past, (These critics are probably pencil neck geeks, scum sucking freaks, losers with a pathetic physique), but an understanding of the importance of vitamin E’s antioxidant role may be beginning to pay off. However, as with betacarotene, the effect of vitamin E in preventing heart disease may be both timing-sensitive and dose sensitive.


9) Vitamin C – Vitamin C, also known asascorbic acid, is a water-solublenutrientfound in some foods. In the body, it acts as anantioxidant, helping to protect cells from the damage caused byfree radicals. Free radicals are compounds formed when our bodies convert the food we eat into energy. People are also exposed to free radicals in the environment from cigarette smoke, air pollution, and ultraviolet light from the sun. The body also needs vitamin C to makecollagen, a protein required to help wounds heal. In addition, vitamin C improves the absorption of iron from plant-based foods and helps th eimmune systemwork properly to protect the body from disease.

  • Helps support the immune system
  • Protects against damaging free radicals
  • Helps support collagen production
  • Aids with the absorption of iron

10) B Complex Vitamins –B vitaminsare a group of water-solublevitaminsthat play important roles incellmetabolism. The B vitamins were once thought to be a single vitamin, referred to simply asvitamin B. Later research showed that they arechemicallydistinct vitamins that often coexist in the same foods. In general, supplements containing all eight are referred to as avitamin B complex. Individual B vitamin supplements are referred to by the specific name of each vitamin (e.g., B1, B2, B3etc.).

You can click on the links provided and get these great supps relatively cheap. These are tried and true supps that have been around for well over 40 years and with good reason, they work well.

God Bless.


P.S. Here are some videos of bodybuilder extradinare, Dave Palumbo on Nutritional Supplements and Nutrition.

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