Simple and Productive Chest and Calf workout

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Jay Cutler 4x Mr. Olympia
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Just recently, this past weekend on 4-25-2015 to be exact, my nephew Lewis and I did a great workout that was very simple and very productive. I would like to share with you this training program of Chest and calves.

For those of you who are having trouble developing your calves you should train calves every day with the donkey calf raise movement with a simple dipping belt, four 25 pound plats and a 2×4 block of wood for 100 reps or more. On your training days, start your workouts with the donkey calf raise for 100 or more reps. Do this weather training calves that day or not and even on your off training days. This is how I developed my calves when I was a teenager. I would go directly to calf work before hitting anything else. This practice has helped me develop a pretty decent set of calves. My nephew Lewis is doing the same. When he started training about eight months ago he had what you would call pencil thin lower legs. Now, since he has been performing this exercise, his calves are developing very nicely.

Next, we did only four exercises for our chest workout. We did dumbbell fly’s in a pre-exhaust supper set fashion with flat bench dumbbell bench presses. We did the same for our incline fly’s and presses as well. We also added pullover combo set with chin ups. Remember that to develop the whole upper body the back must be taken into consideration as well. I included a video so that you can see and take some notes so that you can give this training program a try. Depending on how far you want to take this workout, perform 3 to 5 sets of 10 to 15 reps on all chest exercises and 100 or more reps on the donkey calf raises.

Please let me know how this workout works for you.

There will be more to com. God bless you all.



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