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Here is an excerpt from a newsletter published back in 1992 by successful entrepreneur, Stewart Kime.This unique individual made his fortune through mail-order and Multi level marketing. although I know those of you reading and subscribing to my e-newsletter workout and train frequently, It’s worth reading.

“Dear wealth seeker:
Stewart KimeLet’s imagine for a moment that I offer to give you a new Mercedes-Benz automobile. The only requirement will be a signed agreement that this will be the only car you can own for the rest of your life. Just imagine the excitement of a beautiful new Mercedes-Benz parked in your driveway and you will never have to make even one payment! The car is yours to keep as long as you live. Actually, this would be agreat deal for anyone willing to read the owners manual and properly care for the vehicle. Your new car can last as long as you live. It can even look and run likenew if you will just take care of it.

If you accept this offer, I am sure you would spend time carefully studying the owner’s manual. The oil would be changed regularly and every maintenance procedure would be meticulously followed. Every night the car would be kept in your garage to protect it from the elements. Yes, with care your automobile would easily last a lifetime.

Most of us are given a perfect new body at birth that is designed to last at least one hundred years. We must keep our body for as long as we live but unfortunately many of us fail to read the owner’s manual. Many of my friends are dead because they were far more interested in learning how to make money than caring for their health. Most people assume they will remain healthy with little care or interest in healthful living. If you plan to be wealthy and successful, you will make your health as important as obtaining wealth. Financial success without health is foolishness.

Thomas Edison said, “The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Start a new life today by caring for your body as you would care for a new Mercedes-Benz automobile. Good health will give you the energy and ability to make far more money and when you have made your fortune you’ll have a great time enjoying it.” Now onto the cleanse.

This is the continuation to the Chelation Therapy.

In technical terms, a “free radical” is an unbalanced molecule with an odd, unpaired electron. This unbalanced molecule tries to balance itself by bombarding other molecules in your body in an effort to capture that other molecules electron. When it “steals” the electron from the other molecule, that molecule then becomes a free radical itself and goes into attack mode on other molecules causing a chain reaction. This chain reaction ultimately results in the degeneration of cells, tissues, organs, and systems within the body.

The human body doesn’t have an efficient metabolic function to eliminate heavy metalsand because of this, the body warehouses them in deep tissue places like bones, ligaments and other places such as the large intestine. Over time, metals migrate to other cells and tissues, initiating the stages of degenerative disease through free radical formation. The first signs of toxicity may include fatigue, pain in the muscles and extremities, poor circulation and inability to think clearly. The longer heavy metals are retained, the more devastating the health consequences potentially become.


For better health, start here!


The secret to good health is there is no secret. There is no magic pill or potion youcan take to create a better sense of wellness. The road to better health begins withdetoxification but it doesn’t end there. Rome was not built in a day, similarly, you want go from poor health to good health in a day either. What is required is a life style change by following these steps:

1.Detoxify – The logical first step to any program is to get rid of the toxins in your body. There are many good oral chalation formulas you can use. Just visit you local health food store.

2.Intestinal cleanse – If you’re not producing 2 to 3 healthy bowel movements daily, your colon needs help. It’s likely you have too much undigested food stuck in your lower intestine that needs to be removed because your body can’t do it on its own.

3.Eat right – You are what you eat. Eat a balanced diet consisting of whole foods and eliminate processed foods where you can.

4.Proper nutritional support – Eating good food is good, but not good enough! With depleted soils and hormone fed livestock, it is imperative you supplement your diet with good vitamins and minerals.

5.Balance hormones – This is essential to your body’s long term health. Hormone imbalance is a primary cause in sexual dysfunction, infertility and fatigue.

6.Exercise – Exercising will help you shed the extra pounds and increase your energy.

I will continue to share these tips with you. Until the next time.

God Bless.


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