Planet Fitness or Planet Sickness

Planet Sickness

I know many of you may have seen the commercials for Planet Fitness where you see all of those skinny metro sexual idiots working-out and a really, stereo typical, dressed in tiny shorts, sleeveless shirt, oiled up, and carrying a gallon jug of water, built guy walks in the gym to join. He is greeted by some know nothing, pencil neck, nerdy little guy in glasses, personal trainer.

The nerd begins by giving the bodybuilder a tour of Planet Fitness. The bodybuilder is made to look very stupid and continually replies to the personal trainers questions with “I lift things up, and put them down” in a German accent. The bodybuilder is tricked into exiting the facility, and the screen cuts to the slogan that has appeared in the Planet Fitness commercials: “Not his Planet – yours.” Behind this slogan is a chorus singing, “Dumb, dumb, dumb.”

Another commercial has a bodybuilder signing a contract to join planet fitness. As he is busy filling out their stupid little questionnaire and contract, He begins to jiggle his pectorals and begins to make noises like BAM BOOM, POW, POW, POW.

When I saw these commercials, I began to realize everything I knew that would be coming down the pike. You see, we are living in a time in America where being a man who trains hard and builds his body to an extraordinary degree is looked down upon. Bodybuilders are made to look like they are very stupid idiots and those who frequent places like planet fitness are the acceptable way to be. Nothing could be further from the truth. Slowly but surely, many men are being lulled into what society deems acceptable. Apparently, from what I have seen, real men are looked down upon as brutes, idiots or cavemen if they behave like men, not idiots but like real men. The metro sexual male, in other words, the metro, castrated candy ass, male in our society, are looked up to and are held to a standard that all men should aspire to be. Women are being masculine while men take a back seat and are feminized. If you don’t believe me, watching commercials like Planet fitness is only the beginning. If you want more proof, just visit your local high school or grade school and you will see where the roots to all of this feminizing of males begin. It starts with some female counselor telling a male student to get in touch with his feelings, and to go by “how you feel.” This is all bull crap to turn men into what we see today, the type of fools we see in the planet fitness commercials like the geeky personal trainer that shows the bodybuilder the back door and the fools who actually train at a stupid establishment like that.

Being a wimpy male is encouraged by society because they are much easier to control, where those who work hard, eat right, and value their appearance are judged – and condemned – for their dedication and hard work. Men who take control of their own lives in our society are dangerous because those men cannot be controlled by the panty waists in our society. Planet Fitness (Planet Sickness) does not seem to me to be remotely concerned with their members actually improving their physical fitness and their bodies. They just want you to come in, pay them, and ‘feel accepted’ by not exerting yourself too much. Yes, real effort is not only discouraged, it’s forbidden. Witness the stupid and pathetic ‘Lunk Alarm.’ Who the hell came up with the stupid concept of a Lunk alarm? The person who came up with that one must have had their head shoved in the toilet in the boy’s bathroom when he was in high school by some muscular jock and to get even created the Lunk alarm.

The Lunk Alarm is activated by management whenever someone drops weights or ‘grunts.’ There is no way you can train hard without making some noise. But do it at Planet Fitness and you’ll be met with an alarm, shortly followed by some idiot that works in the facility, giving you the boot. Also, this establishment does not allow you to use the two most famous mass building exercises in existence, which are Squats and Deadlifts.

To make matters worse, this place serves crap for food like pizza and cup cakes. What self respecting gym serves cup cakes and pizza to its customers? Well, I guess that planet fitness is not a self respecting place at all. They seem to placate to the average idiots in our society who feel intimidated by those who work towards achieving real muscle building goals.

Any real man who wants to build his body should not go to a gym that caters to the liberal candy asses in our society. The moment you decide to build your body, you are no longer considered normal by the establishment. Real men train at real gyms and are not intimidated by the athletes that train there. As a matter of fact, real men are inspired by those hardcore men who train at real gyms.

To hell with planet fitness. Train at a hardcore gym. And if you cannot find a hardcore gym then start one yourself or create a hardcore home gym.

Until Next Time,

God Bless.



5 thoughts on “Planet Fitness or Planet Sickness”

  1. This is 100 percent accurate . Very good read, and also let’s not forget that this wimp gym only has weights that go up to 80 pounds . How can anyone possibly build muscle with such little weight ? Keep on moving foward and God bless

  2. I remember when i was a member at a Planet Fitness so that i could start building up my body. I would go there with a goal and that is to work out! The minute i walked into the gym i would see these people posing like they are working out and after a closer look they were not even sweating. I would start my plan and by 2 hours later i would be covered in sweat with all the weights i was pushing. I think i was the only one pushing myself.

    I went everyday after work and the same people were there everyday doing nothing. I would walk in do what i had to do then move on. While the others were just socializing with each other or talking on their cell.

    You i never noticed any Bodybuilders there the times i would go. I guess they knew that Planet Fitness is a bunch of hooey. The only ones that were trying to lift the free weights were these pretty boy types to worried about how they look in the mirror rather than concentrating on form.

    Strong men are a threat to the establishment which is why you see commercials like that. Body Building is an art its something you have to be dedicated to. The majority of people now a days are not dedicated to anything they only go to the gym to get the abs of their favorite celebrity.

    Great Post!

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