History of Bodybuilding by Ric Drasin


Ric Drasin is truly an Apex Alpa Male. He has lived a spartan lifestyle. He was a competitive power lifter, bodybuilder,who trained with Arnold and won Mr. America, and was a professional Wrestler for close to fourty years. Everything this incredible athlete has to say, I listen to. He talks about old school golden era bodybuilding, which is what really builds bodies. Ric Drasin is also the creator of the world famous Golds Gym logo and the Worlds Gym logo. Ric Drasin has lived a positive lifestyle on his own terms. Those of you who love reading the Intense Apex Alpha Male blog will love what Ric Drasin has to say. He is a great teacher. We should carefully apply what he is teaching in his videos. You can visit Ric’s website to purchase any of his informative books on bodybuilding and wrestling. Go to www.ricdrasin.com.

Your man,