How To Make Money Online (Blogging) Have You Sold Your Soul For A Weekend?



The Millionaire Fast Lane
The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime.

A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.

Bob Dylan

The Title above is taken from the wonderful book “The Millionaire Fast Lane” by MJ DeMarco. I am currently reading this very inspirational book, which I learned about over at Victor Pride’s Blog “” I decided to use the title as an introduction of what I am about to talk to you about today.

If you look carefully at the picture above, we see snoopy’s work week and his ever changing attitudes throughout the week. We basically see snoopy aggravated on Monday, not too happy on Tuesday, ready to die on Wednesday, anticipating the weekend on Thursday, and celebrating on Friday because of his two days of freedom and a paycheck; then the cycle starts over again. This chart is basically how most people live their lives. Working all week for the escapable weekends.

Here is a quote from the fast lane millionaire from page 69; it reads:

“Wealth’s provenance evolves from the three “F’s”: family, fitness, and freedom. Freedom’s value to wealth is evidence on Friday evenings, which just so happened to be the setting for an epic conversation I had with my friend at a happy hour. While we sat on the bar’s patio, we heard a chattering cacophony of patrons engaging in spirited conversation. The bar was happening and within the rustling soundtrack, you’d never guess a recession was ongoing. Over the noise, I asked my friend “What do you hear?”I hear people having a great time, a celebration, she said. I asked further,”Why?” Why what? It’s Friday! she declared. I probed further. What’s so special about Friday? If we came here on Monday, this place would be empty and the sound of celebration would be absent. What makes Friday so special as opposed to Monday or Wednesday? Knowing that she was trapped into one of my paradoxical interrogations, she humored me.
Uhh, people get paid on Friday?

I levied the verdict: Friday evening is glorified because people celebrate the dividens of their trade: five days of work bondage exchanged for two days of unadulterated freedom. Saturday and Sunday is the payment for Monday through Friday, and Friday evening symbolizes the emergence of that payment, freedom for two days. The prostitution of Monday through Friday is the reason “Thank God it’s Friday” exists. On Friday, people are paid FREEDOM in the currency of Saturday and Sunday!

Negative 60%: The Dismal Return Of The Slow lane

The ultimate insanity is to sell your soul Monday through Friday for the paycheck of Saturday and Sunday. Yes, give me $5 today and in return, I will give you $2 back tomorrow. 5-for-2. No? How about five loaves of bread today and in return, I will give you two back tomorrow. No again? Why? This is a smoking deal!

Hopefully you recognize that five of anything in exchange for two is a bad return. The 5-for-2 return on investment is a negative 60%. If you make consistent negative 60% return on investments, you’d go bankrupt quick. What logical person would accept such a horrific deal?
Most likely, you already do. When you accept the slow lane roadmap as your strategy, you accept 5-for-2. You give five days of work servitude in exchange for two days of weekend freedom. Yes, Mondays through Friday is prostituted for Saturday and Sunday. While people easily recognize and reject a negative 60% return on their money, they do it willingly with their time.

Unfortunately, many people live life as described on page 69 of The Fast Lane Millionaire. Its time that you become an Intense apex alpha male and begin to take control of your money and your time. Don’t be a “Johnny average” or a “Johnny lunch pail” or even a “Joe six pack.”

You may be saying well ok, but how? You are talking the talk but how is that going to help me? Where is the plan to implement? I am glad you asked. I am going to out line for you how to start an internet business. Now, there are many types of internet businesses, so to start with we will discuss professional blogging as a viable business opportunity career choice.

I do not have to reinvent the wheel on the overall information you can go here: to read more articles.

I will go into some specifics here and will send you a free ebook on the specifics as well so please bare with me a little.

Lets say you want to start a money making blog. Here is what you do:

1) Write down everything you have knowledge on.
2) Next, write down the things you would like to learn
3) Next, once you decided what your blog will be about, decide on a name for your site. You do this by doing word searches. Use word tracker or Google ad words.
4) Next once you are comfortable with a name for your site go to and purchase the url.
5) Next, join a hosting company. Now, there are many of them out there. I personally use Hostica.
6) Once you have a hosting company to work with, have your URL routed to the hosting site.
7) Next, install word press into the URL. I use
8) Once it is up and running you can begin blogging.
9) Join affiliate programs that you use and advertise their products on your blog site

These are the basic steps. I will go into it much deeper in our next segment.

“Tools To help you Recreate your Mind set and your life”

If you have been reading my blog posts at for quite some time,
You can conclude that in order to achieve your dreams, you must be in complete and total control of your destiny.

Once you have decided to take control of your life and destiny, you will need a little help and I
would like to offer that help.

Here is what I am going to do for you along with some very important suggestions.

First, I would like you to give us your email address and sign up to get our blog updates and notifications
in your inbox. When you do this, I will be sending you introductory lessons on courses I plan to fully develop and sell
at my site. And the prices to those courses will be shockingly affordable. You will see.

This what you will get:

1) You will get free the Intense-apex-alpha-male Manifesto

2) The first two lessons of the Golden Era Old school bodybuilding course

3) Lessons on starting your own business through the internet (Websites & Blogs)

4) Lessons on setting up your MMA and / or Bodybuilding training quarters

5) I will be supplying you with some podcasts as well covering many of the topics I just gave you.

Along with these things to help you change your life, I would like to suggest to you to purchase

Victor prides two e-books, 30 days of discipline and the spartan warrior courses.

Stay Tuned and God Bless.



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  1. Very good post. Thanks for the advice, I plan to own a blog as well. I am done trading 5 for 2 , just like you mentioned, it isn’t a very good trade. Keep up the good work and God bless

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