The Lone Wolf and the Rogue Lion

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A Rogue Lion– Lions that travel alone or may partner with other rogues, perhaps brothers.

A lone wolf is an animal or person that generally lives or spends time alone instead of with a group.

The most successful people in our society are basically lone wolves or rogue lions. Above,you will notice what the meanings are to what a ROGUE LION is and LONE WOLF.

You see, there will be many people in our lives that just do not understand what we are trying to accomplish. When we decide that the time is now to live life with passion, to develop a business, to build our bodies and to begin working out and implementing training programs, there will be those people who will find something negative to say about it. Many of them will give us the standard advice like they gave Arnold Schwarzenegger when he made the decision to be the best built man in the world, which was to live a normal life, go to school and get a good job and then retire and die. Arnold knew that there was much more to life than that. He eliminated those negative people from his life and carved out a life that he wanted for himself.

We can all learn from Arnold’s experience. I have come to the conclusion that I must be a lone wolf and a rogue lion. Those people you see with many friends or those who want to belong, never accomplish anything. These people are too busy trying to be like everyone else and fit in. Let’s examine the masses, which in my opinion are asses.

Next time you are outside, examine those people you see who are the masses, you know, the people your friends or family want you to be like. Most of these people are emotional cripples, Fat, in dept., and lazy. They live vicariously through people they see on TV. They work a typical 9 to 5 ham and egger job. They make decisions based on emotions, and not rational thinking. The “no-getters” in our society hate their 9 to 5 jobs and do nothing about it except play online games all day and partake in idle gossip through face book and fruit cake chat rooms. Though inactive at their job, no-getters are actively envious, jealous and resentful of “go-getters” because go-getters go get what they want. No-getters stay in jobs they hate, go-getters don’t. No-getters expect liberal politicians to “give” those things by taking it away from the go-getters. These masses, which are asses, are nothing more than parasites. These are the people that we are conditioned to want to associate with and belong to their little stupid clicks or clubs.

The loser “no-getters” in our society have a specific language that they speak. They use vocabulary like, “luck, wish, lottery, silver spoon, never, can’t” etc. and just like the masses some of their favorite time sucking activities include 9-5 ham and egger jobs and standing in line for the newest I phone crap. They can’t fathom building anything of value like a business or even their bodies and that’s why they are a waste of human flesh wasting away in cubicles for a dream that never was and never will be (retiring rich).

You must decide that you must not be part of the masses. You must set your own tone and be a lone wolf or a rogue lion. If you need a little push start with Victor Prides e-book 30 days of discipline

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Make that change, start working out and set some goals like starting an internet business (which I will go through with you very soon). Be a man and not some copycat candy ass fool. Start thinking for yourself now and be the powerful predator the intense apex alpha male knows you can be. Start now.

God Bless.


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