How to be an Intense Apex Alpha Male: In Life

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It was the summer of 1976 when the first Rocky movie came out. I was about seven years old. I remember watching this movie and having some great positive feelings towards the end of the movie where we see Rocky fighting the champion Apallo Creed. That movie taught me some valuable lessons along with giving me some really nice role models for fueling my passion for bodybuilding and physique development.

I also learned, recently, that the character of Rocky Balboa parallels the actors, Sylvester Stallone, life as well. In a Rocky Movie biography, Sylvester Stallone gives a talk on how much he loves the character of Rocky Balboa and how his life was exactly like Rocky without the physical Boxing matches, but the fight to be a writer and actor was very real. Stallone was a young Italian-American born citizen who badly wanted to be a writer and actor. One of his first movies was the Lords of Flat bush where we see Stallone play a husky, leather jacket wearing, thug in an Italian gang. The next movie, which I really liked, is titled Paradise Alley. In that movie we see Stallone playing a professional wrestler. I noticed, through Stallone’s movies, that he really respects and appreciates athletes from the physical culture sports like Boxing, Wrestling, and bodybuilding along with arm wrestling. Stallone made many movies, but the ones that really stand out are his Rocky series.

Against all odds we see Rocky vanquish his villainous opponents. If I had to narrow it down to my favorites, although I love all the rocky movies, I would have to say that my two favorite Rocky movies are Rocky one, the original movie and his last Rocky movie, which is titled Rocky Balboa.

The reason I chose those two is because we see the character come full circle. In the first movie we see Rocky rise to the occasion and faces the champ in a match were Rocky gives the champ a good beating, but does not win the match but wins the hearts of many fans. The same can be said about the last Rocky movie; he rises to the occasion to face off with the champ, gives that champ a good beating but loses the match while still winning the hearts of the fans.

What does this have to do with “How to be an Intense Apex Alpha Male: In Life,” the character of Rocky never complained about his circumstances, never used the excuse that Italians are given a stigma as all being in the, or associated with the mob and he knew enough to know that opportunity must be approached with positive intensity and you must make your own opportunity.

What do we see in todays culture? We see people complaining to no end about anything that can be complained about. For example, we see fat kids giving excuses as to why they cannot lose weight. They say they can’t lose weight because their genetics does not allow it, or that they are built that way. We see the youth of this society making, candy ass, stupid, excuses for everything so that they do not have to take responsibility for whatever dysfunctional crap they get themselves into.

In the public high school system in New York City, we see many male students coming late to class wearing their pajamas while many others wear their pants down the cracks of their asses and think this is normal and cool behavior. We see many of the liberal idiot teachers pandering to these kids with their stupid behavior. What I have been seeing is not good and it seem like there is no end in sight to this stupid behavior. I see many of our male educators behaving like sissies with their metro sexual candy ass personalities.

This is what motivated me to create the blog you are now reading. Apparently, there has been a movement in this country to make men into sissies and make them feel entitled to whatever the producers have managed to attain. We see this more and more with the liberal minded in this society. We see politicians pandering to the minorities who in turn eat this crap up and play the victim, and demanding more and more of what the hard working class has. It gets me sick to my stomach to the point where I now do not get into deep conversations with most people for fear that they might touch upon their stupid, liberal, candy ass, philosophy.

To become an Intense Apex Alpha Male, you need to begin taking responsibility for yourself. As a man, you need to make decisions fast. You need to humble yourself, learn from your mistakes, correct them and move forward. Real men do not wallow, like a pig in crap, in self-pity.

Real men need to reclaim their rightful position in society. Many men have been conditioned, and at worst brain washed, into behaving like sissys. God made men to lead from the front and become leaders and not followers. That does not mean that we lord it over women unless you happen to meet one of those stupid heathenistic feminists, then all bets are off. That is when you let them have it. I have done it several times in the past.

You must be a better “you” than you were yesterday. One you make a decision to build your body, be a man and stick to it. One you decide to follow a plan like the 30 days of discipline, do not give up. Keep going at it no matter how you may feel. As men we use our minds and not our feelings. The problem with feelings is that 9 out of 10 times they are wrong. We are men; we use our minds to make important decisions that will improve our lives. Learn from your mistakes correct them and keep moving forward.

You must be a warrior like Rocky, Take the hit and keep moving.

Until next time

God Bless.


2 thoughts on “How to be an Intense Apex Alpha Male: In Life”

  1. I think your right on man!

    I think it all start by taking responsibility for what happening in your life!

    Even the last science in genetic “epigenetic” basically says that your genes are evolving and changing in real time! They are influenced by what you eat, what you do, what you think, what you feel, what you drink! Your 100% responsible for who you are and what append to you!
    Too bad for those who blame everything on genetic ….

    Only when you take responsibility you can really start being a man!

    Nice blog bros!

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