Intense Apex Alpha Male


The time is now to decide for yourself to become an intense apex alpha male. What is an intense apex alpha male you may ask? Let’s begin by dissecting the words.

INTENSE – The dictionary explains it this way – having or showing strong feelings or opinions; extremely earnest or serious. “An intense young man, passionate about his art”.

You must live your life with passion and have an intense drive to accomplish your goals.

APEX – The top or highest part of something, reach a high point or climax.

You must make the decision that with intense passion you must also be at the top or be on the journey to reaching the top of whatever goals you set for yourself.

ALPHA MALE – the dominant male animal in a particular group.

We are not animals but we live in a jungle where weakness is soon eaten up by those who want to dominate you. You see, you must also be the pack leader in your life. To achieve your goals you must be the Alpha Male in your life. There will always be those individuals, weather family or friend or even acquaintances, who will find fault with whatever you are trying to achieve. For example, getting into built muscular shape. There will be those idiots who will tell you that you can’t do that, or why do you want to do that? There will also be those who will try to monopolize your training time by finding something else for you to do. You must not allow this to happen. You must have passion and become an INTENSE APEX ALPHA MALE. This blog is dedicated to MEN who want to become an Apex Alpha Male.

In today’s society, men have been feminized and to give in to being a second rate person. Our schools are filled with these liberal feminized men, they are the teachers and faculty as well as the students; the news channels are filled with them, our politicians have become this way. Anything that reeks of manhood is fround upon by the lame stream media. Things like UFC Fighting, Bodybuilding, Wrestling and Testosterone are all put down by all of these feminized men. You must be aware of this and you must not become a victim to this brain washing.

I have seen too much over the years and frankly I am sick of it. That is why I started this blog. I started it to motivate men to become real men who have a passion for improving themselves, building their bodies, their finances, their spirituality, and living life with passion.

This blog is for the INTENSE APEX ALPHA MALE.

Your man