Our Goal at the Intense Apex Alpha Male

Our Goal
Our Goal

If you have been reading the Intense Apex Alpha Male blog for quite sometime now, you may have come to the conclusion that our goal is to equip you with information that you, as a man, will be able to implement right away and start using. If that is the conclusion you have come to, then you are correct.

You see, I came up with the idea of a blog dedicated to men because I have seen a war on men that has been permiating for almost thirty years. The destruction of men is not something that happens quickly. No, destroying a society and especially men, takes careful planning and time. When I was a kid growing up, many male role models like Charles bronson, John Wayne and even Arnold Schwarzenegger were men you wanted to be like and aspire to become. Manly men were respected by lovely and feminine women.

We fast forward to today and we see the complete Opposite. We feminised men sharing their sissy feelings while mental dysfunctional women wear the pants and call the shots. You begin to see these types of sick females with their beta candy ass male boy friends or husbands. Its really pathetic. We no longer see men in today’s generation striving to be like hercules, no, we see many young men striving to look like that metro sexual fruit cake Robert Pattinson wearing skinny jeans while some demented female is telling him how he is suppose to act. Pathetic.

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson

I do not have to worry about attracting women because I am already married to a real beautiful and feminine woman who loves a man to be a real, gun toting, muscle building, steak eating man who rises to the occasion when the situation calls for it.

We have gone from this …


Brock Lesner
Brock Lesner

to this …

Robert Pittinson
Robert Pittinson

In one generation and frankly it has to stop. We are constanly being bombarded with ads, TV programs and movies that portray womenas the masculne hero types while men are nothing but bumbling fools that need to be rescued by these women. I constantly hear how a woman can do anything a man can do, and that is completely not true. All of you who believe that brain washing drivel should take your head out your ass and take a look around you and you will see that is simply not true. There are many men out there who are comfortable with the women wearing the pants because it means that they (men) do not have to take responsibility for anything. Usually, these types of men love playing the victim and passing the buck for their mistakes and whatever they feel life has handed them.

Those are not the type of guys I want reading my blog because they do not deserve any success in their pathetic lives. They do not deserve wealth, health or any god thing that comes from taking responsibility for yourself. No, this blog is for those, like the title implies, Intense Apex Alpha Males. If you look around our website, you will notice that you have podcasts, important articles in PDF and great articles from bloggers and guest bloggers. All of this is to guide you to become the man God meant for you to be. We are here to share with you and help you move forward to success.

The War On Men In America And Homosexual Takeover! The Emasculation of America

Alex Jones from Info Wars published a really good article explaining further the war on men. Despite what you may think of Alex Jones, his article is worth reading. Don’t be a pansy and download the article here Info wars article


Be an intense apex alpha male NOW!!!!

Until next time,

God Bless.


2 thoughts on “Our Goal at the Intense Apex Alpha Male”

  1. Brother I’m going to have to agree with you here on how men are being feminized these days. Coming from an age where I saw men being men it scares me to see the path these young men are taking!

    I hear it and see it in the media all the time! Women wanting men to be more like them wearing makeup, tight clothing and even to the point of shaving their chest hair! The last visual cue of being a man they want us to take that away as well!

    I don’t care what society is saying on how you should be more feminine rather than masculine. You see I think they do this because society is afraid of masculine men! Afraid that a real man or men are going to stand up against society and call them out as the pussies they are.

    In protest when I go to the beach or pool in the summer I show off my chest hairs like the man I am!
    I have even asked my wife if the chest hairs bother her and she told me that men are supposed to have chest hair! Besides she wants to feel a real man when she runs my chest and not that of a 10 year old boy!

    Great post bro and keep on writing these great posts as it fires me up every time!

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