Financial Independance How to become wealthy part 4


This is part four of a series of articles I believe more should be written about. Especially here in the U.S.A. You can go tofinacial-independancepart 1, 2, and 3.

Remember, you have to be in charge of what you are doing in terms of your financial success. And also, like with almost anything that will benefit you as an independent thinking person; you have to have absolute and complete responsibility. You must be the person in control.

Financial success or failure must rest on your own shoulders. To most people that is a terrifying situation. And they would prefer to spend their lives being a wage slave. They would rather have a safe, secure mediocre life style than take on the challenges of being their own boss and determining their own future. It doesn’t matter how easy or how difficult it is; they have to be responsible for their own life. Some may say it’s it’s too hard. A safe, small, weekly pay check is all they want out of life until somebody will show them how to get rich following orders and taking little responsibility. But it doesn’t work that way. If you look at the people who have become really successful, they’ve done it on their own.

If you’re still wondering why so few people really make something of themselves financially, you might ask yourself how many people you know who seriously set a goal for themselves of getting rich and then dedicate themselves to fulfilling that objective. Probably you can’t think of many people who fit that description; you may not be able to think of any. If you do know someone like that, it’s almost a sure thing they either have made a lot of money or will make a lot of money. I do not know anyone who has seriously set a goal of financial independence for themselves and not been able to achieve a good degree of financial success.

Of course, some people may appear to be trying to achieve financial success when that is not really their goal. An example is the person who wanted to get rich playing poker. His goal was not financial independence; his goal was being a gambler. Year after year he wasted his time playing poker. He should have learned in a short time that he couldn’t get rich at poker and gone on to something else. But he was a loser, not someone with a serious goal of financial independence.

The same holds true for someone who works hard year after year at a business that can’t make them rich but can only make them a living. If they were serious about financial independence, they would take their hard work and business experience and apply it to a field that offered the chance of financial independence. Take one of the numerous schools where some skill is taught, such as a karate school. You can’t get rich running a karate school. Your personal training skill is required, there’s a lot of competition and not really many people interested in karate. The business will never be able to run itself. if you find a really good teacher to work for you, before long he’ll probably open his own school and take your customers. The person running the karate school is more interested in karate than financial independence.

The same point is true with people who want to become successful as singers, actors or writers. Their goal is not financial independence, but success in a very competitive field, and their chances are not good.

Perhaps the best example of this confusion of goals would be the over-achiever who is confined within a corporate structure. You may know an outstanding individual who works for your company. I’m talking now about the type of person who seems to be able to do everything right. He really impresses the managers and has moved up the corporate ladder faster than anyone else. He is very aggressive, competitive and energetic at the job. He’s a topflight executive, a very hard worker.

You may point out that he is far more capable, intelligent and educated than you, and that he works much harder than you want to, yet he still makes only $50,000 a year, and he isn’t financially independent. In other words, if someone of his abilities can’t achieve financial independence, how can you? But the point in that he has not actually tried to become financially independent. His real goal was that $50,000 a year job, and that’s what he got. Who know’s what would have happened if his goal had been financial independence?

He probably would have achieved it a long time ago. People who set low goal for themselves will never achieve high rewards, no matter what their abilities.  Even though this person may have appeared to be an outstanding individual who stepped out from the crowd to fight his way to the top, he really did exactly what he was suppose to; he won the approval of his superiors. Even though he had exceptional talent and abilities, he was still just a pawn in someone else’s chess game. He may have been better at the corporate game than any of his co-workers, but he was still trapped in the game.

The person who is willing to do what is necessary to achieve financial independence will almost always succeed. His goal will clearly be becoming wealthy. If he fails or finds himself limited in a given area, he will try from a different perspective or move on to something that may work better. And his failure will give him knowledge and experience that will continue to increase his chances for success. Eventually his search will lead him to a course of action that will bring him financial independence. And that course will very likely be the one outline in this article.

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Next we will discuss the business opportunities that quite possibly make us rich. We will discuss in full details so stay tuned.

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