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Introduction: — When I was a teenage kid in high school many of my teachers were seen as people who encouraged success in academics and in life as well as life’s pursuits. When I decided to become a teacher and a guidance counselor, I immediately learned the complete contrary. You see, many of those people who are employed by the education system, and go to these colleges, especially in New York City, and teachers, do not share in what is called individualism. The liberal socialists that make up the education system all believe in collectivism. Collectivism is where everyone thinks the same way, (thinking like the masses or behaving like mindless sheep) talk the same, vote for the same party (democrat), believe in the same crap philosophy (liberalism) being vomited out by the freak liberal establishment and do not revel in a student’s success if that student goes on to build a business and becomes a millionaire, or has a conservative independent frame of thinking. I am the complete opposite to many of these people. I am the odd man out and I am outnumbered by 12 to 1 here in the liberal state of New York. The series of articles I have published on the topic of financial independence would actually be frown upon by the freaks over here in New York City with some slight exception of course.

That being said, I would like to pick up with part three of “FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE”

As we see throughout our lives, most people work 30 to 40 years. With driving time, unpaid lunch hours and some overtime, the average worker devotes about 55 hours a week to his job, 48 to 50 weeks a year. He has little time to himself and little personal freedom. Often he must takes abuse from his supervisors, and sometimes even from his fellow employees. As a final insult, he almost always has financial problems even while he is still working. And then, when he retires, things usually get much worse. Having lost his main source of income, he must lower his standard of living even further. Often times many retired people don’t have enough money to buy food to last until their next pension check arrives. But if you think that sounds easier than spending several months or at worst a few years working on becoming financially independent, then do it. It’s the choice most people make.

Using proven methods to become financially independent is not only far easier than spending your life working at a job that will never bring you financial independence; it is also far easier than any other possible route to economic success.

Doctors, for example, are considered very successful in our society. Not only are they respected for their healing, but it is well known that they generally become very wealthy. However, consider what a doctor must do to obtain his success. He starts off with four years of college, then he goes on to medical school, then to internship and then probably to more study in a specialty. After becoming a fully qualified doctor it will take him a while to set up his own practice and build up a clientele. Once that is accomplished, he will be making very good money but note that he will not be financially independent, because doctors generally work long hours. They have an obligation to their patients. And their work schedule is often hectic and filled with pressure.

If you started today on your quest for becoming financially independent, and another person started today on the course of becoming a doctor, you should be financially independent before he even gets out of school. In addition, your chances of success would actually be greater than his. He might sacrifice four years and then not be able to even get into medical school.

The picture doesn’t look any brighter if you look at the typical person who makes a lot of money in his own business. He almost certainly sacrificed and drove himself for years to become successful. He probably failed to enjoy life much during his early years. He may have ruined his health from worry and long hours. And even after he’s making a lot of money he’s still putting in 12 to 16 hour days afraid to let someone else run the business because they’ll make mistakes or possibly steal from him. Becoming wealthy through the resources I will give you will allow you to avoid the draw backs faced by the average businessman.

I hope you will decide that it makes sense to get serious about achieving financial independence. If so, then you are in the minority. I will be giving you some ideas and tips so that you can begin implementing your goal for financial independence.

Many people will choose to do nothing with this information. There will be many excuses for their non-action. They’re satisfied with the good job they have now. They don’t have the time. Maybe they’ll do it later. They don’t believe it will work. It’s too hard for them. They don’t like many of the methods I will be presenting. The excuses are countless, but at least you can be sure that if you decide to make yourself successful, you won’t have much competition.

You can’t blame people for not choosing to take charge of their lives and set out on an unfamiliar course apart from the crowd. We live in a society that gears people to spend their lives doing what they are told to do. The world we live in actually discourages people from being independent thinkers, from acting on their own, from being responsible for their own lives. From childhood people are constantly bombarded with do’s and don’ts. Parents and teachers tell children exactly what they should and shouldn’t do. They train the child to seek the approval of superiors by doing as they are told. As a child, this goes against your nature, but after years of being reprimanded for not confronting, and of receiving approval when following orders, most people learn to act as others expect them to. A child does need to be directed and supervised, but a person does not need to spend his whole life being controlled by other people.

After leaving school, a person has an army or navy experience, following orders will become even more of a habit. He’ll be told how to cut his hair, when to go to bed, when to get up, how to speak to his superiors and how to stand in their presence. All his training will be directed towards having him do what other people want him to do. The final stage will be when he goes out trying to get someone to give him a job. Nothing in his life has prepared him to be responsible for himself.

Nothing has prepared him to make money through his own initiative. He only knows how to fit in, to conform, to do what others tell him, to obey superiors. He has spent all his life doing this and it seems natural to him to spend the rest of his life doing it. All he needs is a good job where someone will tell him what to do.

Financial independence is an individual thing, and because it is independence, it is out of the reach of most people. Team players don’t become financially independent. You cannot become financially independent by having someone lead you by the hand, telling you what to do every step of the way, giving you approval when you make the right move and presenting you with a guaranteed pay check every week.

Real financial achievement is and must be an independent thing. It is reserved for the individual with the fortitude not to be confined to the standard routine. People who can follow instructions are worth a few dollars an hour. People who run their own operations are often worth several thousand dollars an hour.


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