Today’s blog post is a continuation of our last post on character. As I mentioned before, Character is the ability to see a goal or challenge through long after the emotional response is long gone. For those who are looking to change and improve your life, look no further than the e-book “30 days of discipline” by Victor Pride.


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This book will help you get off to a good start. My nephew, Lewis, and I, have been implementing many of the strategies outlined in the course. Victor Pride recommends that you set a goal and start your day at 5:00 am to get things going. My nephew and I have followed this advice and made a goal to perform 100 Hindu squats, 100 Hindu push-ups, and 100 sit-ups.

downloadhindu push ups

(Matt Fury performing the Hindu Squat) (Matt Fury performing the Hindu Push-Up)

I chose the Hindu squat instead of the body weight squat because the Hindu squat really taxes your heart and lungs as well as strengthens your legs. Also, make sure you breathe out on the way down and on the way up. That’s not the way you’d normally breathe doing barbell squats, but believe it or not, it seems to work great for body weight squats. You’ll find this helps you keep your balance, stay tight, and gets your upper body involved in the workout. The same with the Hindu push-ups.

The Hindu push-up, like the squats, is quite challenging. This variation of the push-up, in addition to being a great upper body exercise, is great for increasing flexibility in the spine and is a fantastic pick-me-up whenever you feel lethargic. Don’t worry about your form too much as that will improve as you make progress and get more comfortable with the exercise. Shoot for a goal of doing 100 continuous reps. Make sure that you make deep breathing a part of this exercise to reap the full benefits. The sit ups are self explanatory but I would invest in a sit-up bench to make the exercise more challenging. Legend has it that the great Indian wrestler, The Great Gama, performed thousands of Hindu squats and push ups daily.


The Spartan warriors lived their lives with character. These great soldiers were disciplined athletes as well. No matter how they felt, they made sure to attack their training with full blown intensity. It is said that one Spartan warrior is worth about ten regular soldiers. I recently purchased Victors bodybuilding e-book “Body of a Spartan.” This is a great course to follow with the “30 days of discipline course.” Remember to commit. It takes character to commit to these two courses.

I will keep you all posted on our progress. Until then,

Your man of character,


P.S. Here is the Muscle building E-Book by Victor Pride, BODY OF A SPARTAN. More Details to come.


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