Victor Pride is dead Now the rise of NICK KELLY

Victor Pride was a persona for the ALPHA MALE named “Nick Kelly”. I guess after the release of his book “New World Ronin”, he decided to put to rest the persona he’d been writing and kicking ass under. Bold and Determined made Victor Pride a Millionaire, and now B&D is complete. That must be a […]

President TRUMP

If you would have told me five years ago that Donald Trump would be our 45th president, I would say something like, “no way.” I would say that only because Donald Trump has better things to do. Most individuals in the caliber of Trump would not waste their time with politics. But what made this […]

OverNight Success Does It Exist???

Is there such a thing as an overnight success?? Please show me because I have not seen one as of yet. The other day, a student of mine decided that he wants to succeed in whatever endeavour he plans to embark on. After a brief conversation with the kid, he decided that he wanted to […]

Separating Yourself From The Majority by guest Blogger Ross Enamait

I have been following Ross Enamait’s blog for a long while and have come to the conclusion that this gentleman is truly a rare warrior. The way he trains himself, the way he trains others and the way he writes makes him a true warrior and a cut above most definitely. Please go to […]


The book stores are packed with books on the subject on how to succeed. Many authors and gurus feel that they have all of the answers that lead them to be successful. What many do not realize is that those gurus did not follow the advise they are espousing in those books. The market is […]

Men: Learn To Fight II !!

This post is a continuation of our part one post titled; Men: Learn to fight. Here we will be discussing how to set up your exercise quarters and the basic equipment you will need to begin practicing your MMA Training. So, you decided to begin practicing MMA for self defense and to help you condition […]

Men: Learn to FIGHT!!

When I was a kid I read and collected comic books. Many of these comic books had ads in them. Most of the ads were catered to boys. The ads that I saw were ads for BB guns, raising sea monkeys (which are little shrimp creatures), and how to build your muscles with various dynamic […]