Victor Pride is dead Now the rise of NICK KELLY

Victor Pride was a persona for the ALPHA MALE named “Nick Kelly”. I guess after the release of his book “New World Ronin”, he decided to put to rest the persona he’d been writing and kicking ass under. Bold and Determined made Victor Pride a Millionaire, and now B&D is complete. That must be a […]


The single greatest financial problem that many people face today is not so much a lack of sufficient income as it is an overload of debt payments. Remember this cardinal rule of finance: IT IS NOT HOW MUCH YOU EARN – IT’S HOW MUCH YOU CAN KEEP! Answer this question: If your monthly consumer debt […]

Who was Milton Friedman and what can we learn from him?

Milton Friedman was the most prominent advocate of free markets during the twentieth century. Milton Friedman was born in 1912 to Jewish immigrants in New York City. He attended Rutgers University, where he earned his B.A. at the age of twenty. Shortly thereafter, he went on to earn his M.A. from the University of Chicago […]

How To Make Money

The title of this blog article is all to familiar for those of us who read the various opportunity magazines and visit the websites with this theme. Many of the ads contained in the opprotunity magazines and many of the articles written in many websites all promise riches describing products promising you the moon if […]

OverNight Success Does It Exist???

Is there such a thing as an overnight success?? Please show me because I have not seen one as of yet. The other day, a student of mine decided that he wants to succeed in whatever endeavour he plans to embark on. After a brief conversation with the kid, he decided that he wanted to […]

Why you MUST protect your life savings from possible Hyperinflation by guest blogger John T. Reed

I told you so. Greece is giving you a classic lesson in why you must protect your life savings from possible hyperinflation. The Eruozone finally showed it had a spine. Who knew? The Eruozone banks will lose hundreds of billions because of the delay in finding that spine. They made idiotic loans to the Greeks […]

How To Inspect A Used Car

  The information I am about to reveal to you may help save you thousands of dollars and quite possibly alot of grief. Over 16 million used cars will be sold this year and some will be good, dependable vehicles while others will be real “LEMONS.” If you want to know how to tell the […]

The Seven Laws of Success

  WHO WAS Herbert W. Armstrong? Herbert W. Armstrong, born on July 31 1892, died on January 16 1986, was a founder of the Worldwide Church of God, which was established on June 1 1968. Herbert W. Armstrong wrote a booklet titled The Seven Laws of Success back in the 1960’s. At a young age, […]

Financial Independance How to become wealthy part 4

This is part four of a series of articles I believe more should be written about. Especially here in the U.S.A. You can go tofinacial-independancepart 1, 2, and 3. Remember, you have to be in charge of what you are doing in terms of your financial success. And also, like with almost anything that will […]

Financial Independance How to become wealthy part 3

    Introduction: — When I was a teenage kid in high school many of my teachers were seen as people who encouraged success in academics and in life as well as life’s pursuits. When I decided to become a teacher and a guidance counselor, I immediately learned the complete contrary. You see, many of […]