PODCAST EPISODE # 12 – What are Governments # 2

To fully understand what governments are, we must look to the bible and read the book of Daniel 2 and look into King Nebuchadnezzars dream. Governments are a group of people that governs a community or unit. It sets and administers public policy and exercises executive, political and sovereign power through customs, institutions, and laws […]

Who Rules The World?? Podcast Interview #5

In today’s podcast Michael Hur and myself will be discussing Who really rules the world. Now that we are approaching one of our most important elections in our nations history do we Americans really decide who will be elected or is the shadow government the one who has already picked our countries leaders. You will […]

IAAM Leon Cruz Interviews Michael Hur From Sheild Of The Son Podcast Episode # 2

For Today’s Podcast I am interviewing Michael Hur from Shield of the son. This brother in Christ is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and wisdom.

Marriage Podcast

I am reissuing the podcast on marriage by some popular demand. We are living in an age where both men and women must learn what to look for when picking your future Husband (for women) or wife (for men).

The Seven Laws of Success

  WHO WAS Herbert W. Armstrong? Herbert W. Armstrong, born on July 31 1892, died on January 16 1986, was a founder of the Worldwide Church of God, which was established on June 1 1968. Herbert W. Armstrong wrote a booklet titled The Seven Laws of Success back in the 1960’s. At a young age, […]

The Real St. Patrick

St. Patrick: One of the greatest missionaries of all time, he found Ireland totally pagan and left it resoundingly Christian. March 17 is celebrated as the birthday of St. Patrick, the Roman Catholic patron saint of Ireland who drove the snakes out of the Emerald Isle. It’s a wonderful day for Irishmen all over the […]