Building the circumference of the upper torso (The Thorax) Old School Training (Guest Blogger Leon Cruz)


Building shapely and massive pectoral muscles is very important for those reading this course but you must also keep in mind that in order to build the whole upper thorax along with the chest muscles you must work on your back muscles and also expand the rib cage.

The Ribcage Expansion Program

The ribcage expansion program that is recommended consists of super setting (a series ofexercises done in succession or back to back) breathing squats with light breathingdumbbell pullovers. The squat is to be done with a light poundage, a poundage where 25 reps can be accomplished. As for the pullovers, it should be performed with a light dumbbell where 25 reps can be done. For those who really need to expand their ribcage, perform this routine three times a week. For more advanced individuals it would be beneficial to perform your rib cage expansion routine on leg day since part of the program consists of light-weight, high-rep squats. Perform 3 to 5 sets of this program.

See the routine below.


Squats 3×5- 25

Dumbbell pullovers 3×5- 25



Can one actually enlarge the rib cage?

Some experts say yes while others say no. I truly believe you can. I speak from experience and have also seen others increase their chest size by doing rib cage expansion routines. The human skeletal structure is composed of fibrous joints, synovial joints and cartilaginous joints. Fibrous joints: these are fixed joints that have no movement such as with the skull and it’s fixed joints. Synovial joints: these joints have plenty of space for movement and are what forms our joints such as the elbows, ankles, knees and so forth. Cartilaginous joints:


1)Rib Cage Expansion program2

2) Ribcage Expansion Article

pullover article

This is the cartilage that connects the ribs to the sternum bone and what keeps the rib cage intact; there is little to no movement in the cartilaginous joint. It would seem rather

impossible to lengthen the ribs due to the fact that they’re bones but you can effectively lengthen the ribs by stretching the cartilages that connect the ribs to the sternum bone relying on the little movement they do offer. Through exercise, the sternum and the ribcage can be spread out to expand the thorax.

human-skeletal-system-picturesGive the program a try to see if you can gain some inches on your chest size.

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