Beach Body and DDP Yoga review


Beach Body & DDP Yoga workout programs
Beach Body & DDP Yoga workout programs

There are many exercise programs out there promising you the moon and the stars. There are many mid-night infomercials selling you on get fit quick and get rich quick programs. The truth is, like with anything in life, if it sound too good to be true it probably is. If you want to get in shape you must keep in mind that it takes work and a well thought out plan. I have seen many of the beach body products out there and I have to say that I am a fan of what they are doing. I do not work for beach body; I do not partake in their coaching program to up sell you on any of their products and supplements. I am just a guy who has been bodybuilding for a very long time and love to learn all I can on training, and that would be all styles of training; not just bodybuilding training.

I have a huge library of training books, programs and courses. I live by Date Tate’s adage, and that is to not only learn your craft, which in my case is bodybuilding, but learn all styles and types of training. For this article, I would like to talk to you about the P90X3 style of workouts, Body Beast, Les Mills Combat and DDP Yoga, which is not a Beach body program but DDP’s own company brand. Many well respected guys who train believe that the P90X series of workouts; P90X-P90X2-P90X3, are nothing more than glorifies aerobic workouts. From my point of view, the p90x series of workouts do work and work well.

Keep in mind that the P90X workout programs are not bodybuilding programs. The p90x programs are fitness sports programs. This is a very big difference, which I will explain in detail and also show you how the p90x courses, along with the others, can be an adjunct to any bodybuilding program if carefully followed.

For those who are bodybuilders, achieving the single digit fat levels needed to look shredded and cut, a complete mastery of diet must be adhered to along with the proper type of cardio work. If your goal is to build monster sized muscle and to have lower body fat levels, performing a cardio workout like the T 25 would not be conducive because that type of cardio would eat up your hard earned muscle therefore sabotaging your muscle building efforts. BUT, incorporating a T25 cardio session from time to time or even once a week many actually help in your efforts to keep muscle size and lower your fat levels.

NOTE: Shawn T is the originator of this program and quite frankly it is a challenging cardio workout that will get your heart rate up and end up in a puddle of sweat when you are done. He created this program for busy people who can get fit in 25 minutes working out several times a week doing cardio exercises. No equipment required. incorporating Shawn T’s program once a week with a muscle building program may help in your muscle building efforts while lowering total body fat levels.

I get asked the question by many people as to which Beach Body program work and by bodybuilders can the programs work in conjunction to regular bodybuilding weight training. Now I will go into some detail.

P90X-P90X2-P90X3Creator Tony Horton. The P90x series of workouts all have different levels of fitness training that work in one hour to 30 minutes, depending which P90X program you use, in as little as 3 x a week. He combines weight lifting exercises, yoga and Pilates throughout the week. Equipment is required to do the workouts.

P90X3 Is Tony Horton’s third installment of the PX90 workout series. This particular program is different from his last two, but has won the approval of many fitness buffs everywhere and for several reasons. Even though the P90X3 program is just 30 minutes a day, it will deliver extreme results and you will work very hard. The test group that used the program for 90 days lost a third of their body fat. The last two programs that Tony created required a full hour of exercise to see maximum benefits so this is an improvement. It will allow anyone to fit this into their busy schedule, which is the bottom line.
P90X3 is a culmination of the other two programs and their best and most effective fitness movements combined and improved on. The best part is Tony managed to shave half an hour off of his last two programs, combining new movements and techniques into P90X3.


The P90X training courses can be incorporated into a bodybuilding program by choosing the cardio sessions for your cardio work, which is usually done in the morning three times a week. Instead of performing the same type of typical treadmill cardio or stationary cycling cardio, you can incorporate one of the many cardio sessions in the p90x series. For example; If you have the P90X3 program you can choose from their three cardio routines for variety purposes. These Cardio routines are very intense so incorporating one of these weekly would be advisable due to its high intensity. High intensity cardio done more than twice weekly while trying to build muscle size is counter productive. If your body fat levels are very high, then you can incorporate all three cardio sessions until you have lowered your body fat to your desired level. Then you may continue with the previous advice I just gave.

P90X3 workoutsNote: As part of a complete training program, if you are performing a classic bodybuilding and weight training program, you can benefit by adding the Yoga and Pilates as well although I recommend and use DDP yoga for my yoga workouts for flexibility.

Now, for the person who wants to get in shape and is not a bodybuilder here is my review of the P90X3 program.

This particular program is different from his last two P90X programs. Even though the program is just 30 minutes a day, it will deliver results due to its high intense nature. The test groups that did the program before it was sold to the public lost a third of their body fat in a 90 day period. The last two programs that Tony created required a full hour of exercise to see maximum benefits. What Tony Horton did with P90x3 was borrow from Arthur Jone’s concept of high intensity training. This program will allow anyone to fit exercise into their busy schedule. P90X3 is a culmination of the other two programs and their best and most effective movements combined.

Note: Arthur Jones was the pioneer of the High Intensity short duration style of weight training and the inventor of Nautilus exercise equipment. The concept and research on High Intensity (HIT TRAINING) short duration exercise is not new. Check out the New High Intensity workout by Ellington Darden


The Body Beast training program was created to give those who are interested in bodybuilding type workouts a program that will deliver results. Sagi Kalev is a world-class bodybuilder and the creator of the Body Beast program and he practices what he preaches. This is one of my favorite courses and one that I incorporate into my own training program. Sagi takes the time to demonstrate the 12 workouts. Seeing exactly how your workouts should be done is critical for anyone who focuses on bodybuilding style weight training so that you perform the exercises correctly. There are many positive aspects to the Body Beast program but here are a few of my own personal favorites:

1) There is a really good diet and nutrition plan. the nutrition plan is pretty straight forward and easy to follow especially for those who eat several times daily like bodybuilders.


3) There are three overlapping types of workouts; starting with build, moving to bulk and finishing with beast. Each of the schedules use this cycle no matter if you want to get ripped or pack on muscle. These training video programs can easily be incorporated into your own bodybuilding training program by just following the videos.

Body Beast Schedule
Body Beast Schedule

4) The Body Beast program is one of the few that is geared towards gaining weight in the form of lean muscle mass.

5) The program teaches powerful weight training techniques that will carry over into the gym when you are ready.
Body Beast is in my opinion, is one of the best overall weight training programs because it covers every aspect that you need to know for piling on muscle, and significantly increasing your performance when it comes to bodybuilding style weight training. Sagi goes through the high intensity training techniques throughout the training sessions. This is excellent for the novice who does not know what of how to apply high intensity to their training.

The cons to the program, if you consider them cons, are:

* You must purchase several pieces equipment before you can start program. The equipment are a dumbbell set and a bench that can be used flat and on an incline and a rubber mat for ab work.


The program is geared to those people who have working knowledge of weight training. Beginners can do it too, of course, but you will benefit much more if you have already been working out with free weights and are familiar with the common free weight exercise. For those who fit this profile I recommend Victor Prides “BODY OF A SPARTAN” training program. This program will help you in both building strength like a powerlifter, which is needed for building size, and buidling muscle with isolation exercises, which is what is needed for bodybuilding. Then you can move onto a program like the Body Beast course.

Note: Body of a Spartan —>>> Body of a Spartan by Victor Pride – Build the body of a Greek Statue.(Click here to view more details)

The program is mainly focused for helping men achieve that ripped and muscular appearance in the shortest time possible. Several women have done it too but they are the types that like using free weights.


DDP teaching DDP YOGA
DDP teaching DDP YOGA

It’s almost impossible to convince the average guy that yoga is a good form of exercise that can really help with flexibility. The former pro wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page, DDP, has developed his own brand of the traditional discipline (dubbed, logically, DDP Yoga) that aims to draw in men with its in-your-face intensity and, well, volume. Yoga purists are quick to point out that DDP Yoga is nothing like traditional yoga. That is completely the point. And this is why I like DDP’s version of yoga. This form of yoga complements my bodybuilding training, which is what I do after weight training.

Combining yoga poses, traditional calisthenics, sports therapy stretches, and isokinetic movement (or what DDP calls Dynamic Resistance), DDP Yoga is a cardio, minimal-impact home workout. The idea, as Page explains, is that the spirituality-averse get all that yoga offers and arguably more, without ever having to utter namaste. DDP says his fitness program originated nearly a decade ago out of his personal need to heal his shattered body after a long and painful career OF wrestling. But DDP Yoga (originally called YRG Fitness, or Yoga for Regular Guys) didn’t really take off until after the now legendary Arthur Boorman transformation video went viral last year. In it, Boorman, a disheveled 297-pound war veteran reduced to walking on crutches for the past 15 years, is transformed into an athletic, fit, and happy 160-pound person. It’s the kind of story that makes grown men cry. (An early endorsement by devotee Chris Jericho didn’t hurt, either.) I personally use this version of yoga. The actual DDP Yoga workout that I incorporate into my bodybuilding is the energy workout. I can’t say enough positive things about this manly form of yoga. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Les Mills Combat Review

Les Mills Combat

The Les Mills Combat program peaked my interest because I needed to expand my knowledge of combat type cardio exercise and also because it is a MMA style of cardio, which actually helps in teaching and conditioning the body in MMA style format. This program has a 30 minute beginners workout and goes up to a more advanced 60 minute workout and so forth. This is a nice change of pace cardio workout to do after your weight training workouts or to incorporate with any of the other Beach body workouts. This program can also be used after your weight training workouts from time to time as a cardio workout alternative.

Eric Ellis from has a really nice ebook reviewing these Beach Body programs and many others that may interest you. Go check him out and download your free e-book review at:

I will have more reviews soon.

Until Then, God bless.


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