How to add mobility and recovery training to your training routine and why you should be training mobility

Tony Horton Recovery & Mobility Routine
Tony Horton Recovery & Mobility Routine
What is mobility training you may ask? Well, mobility training is not the typical style of training that you do when training for bodybuilding, powerlifting or strength training. No, this type of workout is actually a style of training that works all of your motor units and your joints along with light stretching tossed in.

Everyone who trains on a regular basis should be following a type of Mobility and recuperation program, which in turn will have you recovering from stiff and strained muscles as soon as possible and the older you get the more important mobility training becomes.

I learned about Recovery and Mobility training from the P90X2 program. In Tony Horton own words:

“The first P90X program is a program to help people get fit, strong, and lean. The new P90X2 program takes it to the next level and helps you move and perform like an athlete. It’s not a body-shaping exercise program. It’s high-intensity, functional, core athletic training that allows people to perform better on multiple planes and in multiple sports. The Recovery and Mobility portion of the P90x2 program Stretching and rolling really makes a difference in the new P90X2 program. This routine is built in to prevent injury and allow you to go harder each and every workout. I truly believe that this routine (along with Yoga) is what spot trains your weak spots and makes your results sky-rocket. Some might take this day as a complete day off, but if you want to truly perform at your peak, DON’T SKIP this routine.

If you are training full force to achieve your mass building gains and or your strength building gains, then by adding a Mobility and Recovery training program will help you achieve your goals faster and also help prevent injury while on your program. You do not have to buy the whole P90X2 course to use the mobility and recovery program. I purchased the mobility and recovery DVD on e-bay and that was just one single DVD. Following the DVD will give you a complete workout while adding a little yoga to the program, and also utilizing a foam roller as well. The tools needed for the program are shown here.

Mobility and Recovery DVD
Mobility and Recovery DVD

As I researched this type of preventive type of training, I came across quite a few sources and many, many athletes engaging in mobility training. The White Rhino, Stan Efferding, is seen here performing his mobility type of workout. He is proof positive that this type of training will help you get stronger. He is a world class competitive Bodybuilder and Power lifter.

Stan Efferding Mobility Training

Your mobility training should include the use of the Rumble roller. Foam rolling relies on a technique known as Self-myofascial release (SMR). Our Muscles have a proprioceptor known as the Golgi Tendon Organ. The GTO accounts for saving us from lots of injuries. Whenever a muscle is triggered to the stage of near injury, the GTO reflex transmits a note to seal muscles lower. The Golgi tendon is essentially supplying your body information and feedback on muscle tension. Autogenic inhibition is really a provision to seal muscles down before they experience more pressure than bones and tendons are designed for. Pressure produced through the foam rolling encourages the GTO and results in allowing the muscle to unwind. The brief relaxation will permit an elevated flexibility and improve tissue quality (It’s important not only to have strong muscles, but also flexible ones, specifically for athletes and anybody that really want to feel good from lifting). Decreases in soft tissue tension can help revive the muscle’s length-tension relationship.


Advantages of Foam Rolling:

  • Address Muscle Imbalance
  • Increase Joint Range of Motion
  • Decrease Muscle Tenderness While Growing Joint ROM
  • Increased Nueromuscular Efficiency
  • Maintain Normal Muscle Length


The Rumble Roller
The Rumble Roller

rumble roller

Go To and read:

The Essential Eight – Eight Mobility Drills Everyone Should Do.

*Number 1- Thoracic Spine Mobility.

*Number 2- Ankle mobility.

* Number 3- Leg Swings.

* Numbers 4-6Split squats, lateral squats and rotational squats.

*Number 7- Wall Slides

*Number 8 Big X Band

Until Next Time, Give this program a try and add it to your training program.

God Bless.


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