The topic of character is a topic I have written about in my last two blogs posts. This is a topic that needs to be constantly talked about. Why, as I said before, CHARACTER is a very rare commodity. Very few people have it. Those who do posses it will stand out leaving the rest of the masses hating on you and trying to take you down to their loser level. Our school, system here in America is rapidly conditioning its students to not have character.

The liberal infested school system teaches our kids that placing blame on others or on their circumstances is ok and an acceptable way to accept failure. They are taught that if they do something wrong, it’s not their fault, its societies fault, you were born into those circumstances, it’s your parents fault, or it’s because you are black and not white; its whities fault. Let’s talk about character as it pertains to men. In today’s society we have a feminized president who will not take responsibility for slowly destroying our country. Many men see this as normal. We see people like Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner running for very important political positions, which will give them authority over the New York City residents. Many people are asked what they think about these two men running amid the scandals that follow them, many of those citizens responded, “what they do in private is there business”. First of all, what they did was not in “PRIVATE” like the fools here repeat. Weiner sent pictures of his pathetic pecker to young seventeen year old girls and Spitzer was customer number nine in a prostitution rink. Spitzer was known in his law practice to come down heavy on public figures and prosecute those who partook in the purchase of prostitute services. These men are nothing more than candy asses. They do not take responsibility for the things they do and we have a society who placates to idiots like this. What does that tell you about our society? Most people especially men do not have character. A real man, a real God fearing man has character. A real man of character does not place blame on others. He takes full responsibility for his actions weather they are successful or not. If he fails at something he will accept it and go back to the drawing board. A man of character does not use his skin color or ethnic background as an excuse. Chumps and candy asses do that, not real men. A real man of Character needs challenges and meets those challenges like a gladiator going forward in full force to attack the goal set forth. Let me tell you what it is to be a real man with character:

  • Men of Character stand tall.
  • Men of Character stand proud.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Say exactly what you mean and mean every word you say.
  • Don’t defer to the weak.
  • Admire the strong and pity the weak.
  • Don’t talk all the time.
  • Speak with authority and conviction when you do speak.
  • Never speak about things you know nothing about.
  • Don’t apologize for the mundane.
  • Do not be ashamed of the superior and do not make excuses or apologies for the inferior.
  • Be strong, be proud.
  • Take responsibility for your actions weather good or bad.
  • Fix your failures and move forward; never backward.
  • Do not use skin color or ethnic background as excuses for failure.
  • Give a very firm hand shake.
  • Build your body.
  • Learn to shoot guns, legally.
  • Learn to fight (Learn MMA or Target Focus Training).
  • Don’t eat fatso foods
  • Do not walk meekly.
  • Don’t chew on your nails like some quizzling.
  • Walk the street like you own it; be a Lion.

I know that there are many more, but study the list and begin to implement what is on the list. And once again, to help get you started go through the “30 days of discipline”Click
here to view more details
and the “Body of a Spartan”Click here to view more details training courses. My Nephew Lewis and I have been implementing the strategies in the two courses.


First, in the “30 Days of discipline”Click
here to view more details
, one of the goals is to get up early in the morning and begin implementing a goal you have set for yourself. Lewis’s goal was to wake up early in the morning at 4:30 am week days and at 6:30 am weekends and workout using the information in the “Body of a Spartan”Click here to view more details
course. Here we see Lewis doing just that daily. Here, we see him doing Peck Deck flies. In the Spartan workout, peck deck flies are not needed, but Lewis felt a need to add them to his workout. Next, we see Lewis performing some light dead lifts. Lewis made the conscious effort to become a man of character and resolve and take control of his physical well being with the help of “30 days of discipline” and “Body of a Spartan”.

After the workouts, which lasts for about one hour, Lewis moves forward and takes his cold showers like the man he wants to be. After this, he eats his first meal of the day, which consists of steak and three scrambled eggs. Lewis is eating up to five meals a day because his purpose is to gain size.


I will keep you posted on my progress next time and continue reporting on Lewis’s as well.


Until Then, Be a man of Character.


God Bless.




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