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If anyone watched the First debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, we can conclude that Trump not only faced off against Hillary Clinton but also the metro sexual sissy boy fruitcake, Lester Holt. The gang-up and the punk tactics of the two-on-one attack against Trump saw sissy boy Holt ask no questions to Hillary […]

Passion – Obsession : Do You Have It??

In the past, I’ve discussed important attributes such as patience, perseverance, diligence, and intensity. Clearly, these are significant variables that must be considered when working towards any meaningful goal. Yet without passion, each variable is limited. You cannot have patience, perseverance, diligence, and intensity without PASSION.

IAAM Video podcast Episode # 3 Interviews REIN from Pride in strength

For this podcast Episode # 3 I will be interviewing REIN from Pride in Strength. This kind gentleman strong man athlete can be seen training full force by checking out his very inspirational instagram posts by going to