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Space shuttle Challenger disaster – 1986

I remember the year 1986 and watching the space shuttle launch. I was 18 years old and it was the last year of my high school experience; I was in the 12th grade, a senior in high school. My class room science teacher would usually have the students watch the space shuttle launches on TV.

Sand Bag Training & Lifting with the IRONMIND sandbag kit

Sand Bag Training & Lifting with the IRONMIND sandbag kit leoncruz (@leoncruz) January 28, 2016

Top Ten Reasons to Oppose Common Core

I have been working in the school system for about 26 years. I can tell you first hand that the globalists agenda is slowly coming to pass. Here we are in the school year of 2015-2016, and I see everything that was told to me, by many wise colleges, several years ago that one day […]


NO GROCERIES THIS WEEK: WOMAN GOES WITHOUT FOOD TO BUY POWERBALL TICKETS Lottery fever afflicts entire country despite incredibly abysmal odds Adan Salazar | – JANUARY 13, 2016 With the Powerball lottery jackpot at an all time high, the proles are out in full force spending their hard-earned money despite beyond-miniscule chances of winning.

RICH PIANA’s New Year Cycle

As the year, 2015, was coming to a close, Rich Piana a very popular and humugus bodybuilder, most notably known for his youtube persence, announced through instagram and tweeted that he will be doing a 3 month training, nutrition and ergogen program starting JANUARY 4TH 2016. The goal of the program is to gain 30+ […]

Your New Year Manifesto and Power Mind Set

The new year represents, for many, a new beginning to start working towards those goals and plans you have put off in the old or past year. For those who kick ass everyday, goals are made daily. You do not wait for the year to end to work towards something important.