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OverNight Success Does It Exist???

Is there such a thing as an overnight success?? Please show me because I have not seen one as of yet. The other day, a student of mine decided that he wants to succeed in whatever endeavour he plans to embark on. After a brief conversation with the kid, he decided that he wanted to […]

Increadibly – Amazing Fat-Loss Circuit Training Routine by guest blogger Lee Hayward

Want to burn off that stubborn bodyfat and get ripped abs as quickly as humanly possible? Well this Killer Fat-Loss Circuit Training Routine is a great place to start. Fat-Loss Circuit Training is a program of my own invention. I developed it for losing fat quickly. Its challenging but very effective! Its also one of […]

The Psychology of Being a Loser part 2

This article is a continuation from the last article titledThe Psychology of Being a Loser. “This life is the only one we get here on earth anyway. We will all die. There is no way around it. Knowing this undeniable fact; what do we choose to do with our lives? Winners choose to live […]