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The Seven Laws of Success

  WHO WAS Herbert W. Armstrong? Herbert W. Armstrong, born on July 31 1892, died on January 16 1986, was a founder of the Worldwide Church of God, which was established on June 1 1968. Herbert W. Armstrong wrote a booklet titled The Seven Laws of Success back in the 1960’s. At a young age, […]

The Psychology of Being a Loser

We all start out in life basically in the same manner; we come out of our mothers a stinking bloody mess. Many of us fall into less desirable circumstances while others are better off, but always remember that destiny is ours to control; where you end up in life is completely up to you. We […]

Back to Basics

Back to Basics – bodybuilding basics.When all else fails, you can never go wrong going back to the basics or as they say “Back to the Drawing board.” As we move forward in our life’s quest we must keep things simple and go back to the basics; even when we become more advanced in our […]