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Another phoney Supplement Article(Dont Believe the Lie)

Here we go again. This morning I was skimming through the many articles on the Drudge report website for my daily dose of world news when I came accross another article slamming supplements. The funny thing with these types of people who put out this mindless crap is that they never give up their quest […]

A New Use For The AB-Mat by Guest Blogger Leon Cruz

I am sure many of my loyal readers of my e-newsletters have heard of the AB-Mat. The AB-Mat is a padded piece of wood with an arch that simulates the arch of the lower back. The purpose for the creation of the AB-Mat is to pre-stretch the abdominals when doing crunches. Using the ab-mat for […]

How to add mobility and recovery training to your training routine and why you should be training mobility

What is mobility training you may ask? Well, mobility training is not the typical style of training that you do when training for bodybuilding, powerlifting or strength training. No, this type of workout is actually a style of training that works all of your motor units and your joints along with light stretching tossed in.

Physical Education From The Past by guest blogger Ross Enamait

Ross Enamait “The video below highlights an early physical education program from La Sierra High School in California. As you watch the clip, you may be surprised at the physical ability of the teenagers seen within. Many youngsters today are not aware of the tremendous physical strength that was often on display in previous generations. […]

10 Reasons You are Holding onto Body Fat by Guest Blogger Alex Carneiro

If you’re not shedding belly blubber fast enough, then chances are you’re flubbing one of these training or nutrition tactics. 1. You’re Eating Too Much This should be pretty obvious to most people by now. Most people do not know how many macros (protein, carbs, fat) come with the food they are eating and simply […]

The Collage Dream or Fallacy by Guest Blogger The Millennium Warrior

  The Collage Dream or Fallacy There are 3 things I absolutely hate doing and they are: (1) Wasting time (2) Being in debt (3) And taking orders This is why I always thought college was nonsense and a waste of time to me, and I still think its crap. Unfortunately, I was too stupid […]