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Our Goal at the Intense Apex Alpha Male

If you have been reading the Intense Apex Alpha Male blog for quite sometime now, you may have come to the conclusion that our goal is to equip you with information that you, as a man, will be able to implement right away and start using. If that is the conclusion you have come to, […]

Larry Scott dies at 75 – champion bodybuilder

On March 8th 2014 a legend in Bodybuilding passed away, and that legend was Larry Scott. I know many of you new to bodybuilding may not know who Larry Scott was, but I would like to describe to you the kind of inspiration Larry Scott had on my life and training, and hopefully through my […]

Metabolism Myths by Guest Blogger Shannon Clark

  You’re not going to achieve optimal fat loss without putting in a good effort. That being said, you’ve likely read about various fat loss principles that you can use to speed your progress. Mixed in with the useful information there’s a good chance you’ve come across at least a couple of metabolism myths that […]

Get Big Biceps Fast Here’s How

  Having big biceps is a great way to improve your image, gain more self-confidence and draw positive attention to yourself. People with well-defined biceps turn heads everywhere they go, and they attract a lot of interest from the opposite sex. They tend to get more dates, go to more parties and feel better about […]

Training Principles – Intensity and Consistency Gets Results

For This segment, I would like to share with you some basics on training to help you get things in order and help you get in shape. Read on.

A Crash course on Fat Burners

Part of this Ultimate Fitness and Fat Burning Plan is to use supplemental support. Supplements do work despite what many so called experts say about them. Many do not believe insupplemental support and others do. I am one who does, therefore I am going to give you what I think are some of the best […]

Pro MMA Fighter Booto Guylain Dies After Bout in South Africa

Many of us who are fans of MMA and practice MMA understand the risks involved. MMA is unlike any other form of fighting. In an allout MMA match death is simply a very real possibility. Even though MMA has come a long way with its advancements in the ruling system, MMA is still a very […]

H.I.T. (High-Intensity-Training)

MIKE MENTZER During my training career I have comeacrossmany types of training protocols. Thetwo major training modes that are usually being practiced today by many bodybuilders are the H.V.T. (High Volume Training) and H.I.T. (High Intensity Training). I have used both modes of training and have come to the conclusion what Olympic Strength Coach, Charles […]

Find Out For Yourself (By Ross Enimate)

    Conventional wisdom is no wisdom at all. Conventional wisdom is taking somebody else’s word for the way things are. It’s the followers of this world who rely on assumption. Not the leaders. Richard Marcinko This Blog post is from one of the most inspirational men on the blog net and that is Ross […]


HOW TO PROTECT YOUR LIVER & A HEAVY METAL CLEANSE, HERE IS THE CONTINUATION TO YESTERDAY’S POST   Health & Wealth. Here is an excerpt from a newsletter published back in 1992 by successful entrepreneur, Stewart Kime.This unique individual made his fortune through mail-order and Multi level marketing. although I know those of you reading […]