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Don’t Be A Wage Slave by Guest Blogger The Millennium Warrior

  Slavery was abolished in the year 1865. Sadly, Slavery still exists in America today. Don’t believe me?Look around;People who are awaken everyday by an alarm clock;those are slaves.

7 Steps That Will Radically Change Your Life in 30 Days or Less, Guaranteed.

  This post was taken from The book “The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime” has impacted my life so much so that I see things in everything I do to have process and purpose. Go and join the Millionaire fast lane forum so that you can […]

The Bodybuilding Lifestyle (By Guest Blogger Leon Cruz)

Several years ago Joe Weider was being interviewed by one of the news shows that aired on Sunday nights. I forget which one, but something Joe Weider said stuck with me. Mr. Weider said that Bodybuilding is comprised of three concepts or three things, and he said: Bodybuilding is a Sport, an Art and a […]

How to keep careful track of your muscle building efforts

Nothing happens by accident when it comes to achieving goals.This is something my good and dear friend, Bill Hume, said to me, and taught me, when I was a kid, and he was starting his competitive bodybuilding career. That statement is so true. In the book The millionaire fast lane, the author, MJ DeMarco, also […]

Building the circumference of the upper torso (The Thorax) Old School Training (Guest Blogger Leon Cruz)

Building shapely and massive pectoral muscles is very important for those reading this course but you must also keep in mind that in order to build the whole upper thorax along with the chest muscles you must work on your back muscles and also expand the rib cage.

Understanding Your Endocrine System for Massive Muscle Gains By Guest Blogger Leon Cruz

Note: Please remember to consult your physician if you plan to use the supplements discussed. Here are a series of videos, articles and a free issue of Barbells-Dumbbells-Body weight newsletter from our guest blogger Mr. Leon Cruz   Did you know that there are supplements that can help you activate and help elevate your testosterone […]

Tips on dating and relationships from the Millennium Warrior

Here we have another insightful article from our guest blogger, the Millennium Warrior. Enjoy!! Last week, marked my three year anniversary with my girlfriend, Katherine. Now, I’m not going to spend the next 45 minutes talking about how much I love her. Trust me, she knows. But as I started to reflect on this 3 […]

How to use the most powerful hormone in the body

  I usually ask the athletes I train, what is the most powerful hormone in the body for building muscle and increase recuperation, which in turn increases your chances of building up your musculature? I am immediately bombarded with answers ranging from Testosterone to Growth hormone. I usually reply with an answer saying, “Well, you […]

How to be your own boss: 8 Steps

Today, for this segment, I would like to introduce you to another one of our trusted guest bloggers. His name is Albert Haggert. He is an financially independent entrepreneur who has been writing articles for quite sometime. He wanted to impart his knowledge with our readers here at the Intense-Apex-Alpha Male blog. Please welcome Albert. […]

10 TIPS for Those wanting to Gain MUSCLE MASS

For this blog segment, I would like to introduce you another one of our guest bloggers. His name is Leon Cruz. He have his own blog which is connected to this blog through an RSS feed. You can check out some of his articles there as well. Leon has been a bodybuilder, power lifter and […]