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How to develop powerful forearms and develop a crushing grip

  Several years ago I read an article of an elderly man who trained his grip and forearm muscles just to see how far he can go in developing his grip strength. Ironmind sells these wonderful professional quality hand grip gripping tools. Ironmind specializes in top quality strength equipment.

How to build a powerful Core, Lower back, and ripped AB Muscles

  There are usually hundreds of commercials on T.V. for AB Gadgets AB gismos, powders and weight loss pills. When polled, mostly everyone and their gold fish want a set of ripped abs and a powerful core. If this were not so, then why are there so many commercials selling you on ab gadgets?

How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

The low testosterone phenomenon has been increasing and increasing as time goes on. Low testosterone is more prevalent in today’s generation than in your father’s or grandfather’s generation. This is mostly due to the types of food we eat, the way the government wants you to think about eating healthy i.e… The current food pyramid, […]

How to get Big and Strong

How to get Big and Strong Reg Park‘s 5×5 Program The Original Strength and Size Routine One of the most productive and forgotten methods of training for gaining strength and size, and for the compound movements, is the 5×5 system or five sets of five reps. Many weight lifters and bodybuilders have used this method […]

How to build a powerful neck

All throughout the internet and in the muscle magazines, there have been many, many articles dedicated to training the neck. So my goal here is not to reinvent the wheel, but to give you my version or perspective on training the neck.

Millennium Warrior: Our Second Amendment Rights

In this blog post, I would like to introduce you to the (Millennium Warrior(c)2013) who will be our guest blogger for this segment. He is an eighteen year old young man who has not succumbed to the typical brain washing that our educational school system here in New York City seems to be handing out […]

How to restore or establish your Credit

  Recently, I blogged about getting into a real-estate investing career; for those of you following the entrepreneur path I say great. For those building a blog business I say great. Now we must discuss fixing your credit.

How to Invest in Real estate with no money down

We have all seen the late night infomercials selling courses on how to buy property with no money down, simple and fast and make millions of dollars part time without any hassle. My friends, if it were that easy wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Beach Body Products Review

Beachbody LLC is an American multinational corporation that uses a form of multi-level marketing to sell fitness, weight loss, and muscle building home-exercise DVDs. Beach body was founded back in 1998. The company’s best-known product is Tony Horton’s P90X; whose TV ads have become some of the most frequently run infomercials in the United States.

How to Build a Thick Wide Back

Many of those who begin training their bodies for bodybuilding purposes usually train their showy muscles, like the arms, abs, and chest forgetting to train the legs and back. Did you know that back and leg training-work strokes the testosterone furnace helping to build the physique over all? Training legs and back are what we […]