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Its funny how in today’s society giving our male population manly advice on how to be a man would be shovanistic. This is a topic or a drum beat, that needs to be constantly sounded. The feminization of men in today’s society is a constant ongoing thing and getting worse. Frankie Valley sung a song […]


  It’s TIME to begin breaking down some barriers. What barriers you may ask? Well, in one of my blogs we spoke about how to take control of your life. I pointed out three things. Today we will focus on taking responsibility for your health and physical well being; we are going to talk about […]

Reinvent your life

Many men go through life repeating the same self-destructive and dysfunctional behaviors. They may keep forming attachments to the wrong people or sacrifice themselves so much to others that they neglect their own needs or regard themselves as unworthy, no matter how much they achieve. While these men say that they would like to live […]

Idiots and Candy Asses Argue and debate with the Masses (Who are Asses)!!

“How would you feel if you lived on an island populated, apart from yourself, exclusively by retarded, malicious chimpanzees? Well, that’s how I feel, don’t laugh, because you’re one of those retarded, malicious chimpanzees.” – Arthur Jones creator of Nautilus machines and High Intensity training. ARTHUR JONES For many of you who have been reading […]

Turn off the Idiot Box (T.V.)

In today’s society many, and I mean many, many, people get all of their information through television. Movies and Hollywood have a profound impact on how the masses think. Television, throughout this present culture, has portrayed men as weaklings and women as strong figures and the youth of our society as wise people to be […]

Men: Learn to FIGHT!!

When I was a kid I read and collected comic books. Many of these comic books had ads in them. Most of the ads were catered to boys. The ads that I saw were ads for BB guns, raising sea monkeys (which are little shrimp creatures), and how to build your muscles with various dynamic […]

Planet Fitness or Planet Sickness

I know many of you may have seen the commercials for Planet Fitness where you see all of those skinny metro sexual idiots working-out and a really, stereo typical, dressed in tiny shorts, sleeveless shirt, oiled up, and carrying a gallon jug of water, built guy walks in the gym to join. He is greeted […]

Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story Book Review

The new Arnold Schwarzenegger biography has come out recently titled “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story” I have read many reviews on the book, many reviews from people who know absolutely nothing about the man and his bodybuilding career and many negative as well as positive reviews. I would like to share my point […]


The topic of character is a topic I have written about in my last two blogs posts. This is a topic that needs to be constantly talked about. Why, as I said before, CHARACTER is a very rare commodity. Very few people have it. Those who do posses it will stand out leaving the rest […]