Why Perception Is Your Reality?


What is your perception of reality? If you dont like the way your life is panning out only you can change that and take charge of your own perception of reality. You are in control of your story and how it ends. Not everyone in life is a top performer but they all have the ability to make changes in their lives.

In todays post I would like to touch upon what perceptions are; whatever you percieve your life to be is your lifes reality. Everything else is an illusion. For example, when you go to bed at night and you say things like I wish I was wealthy or I wish I had a better Job or I wish I had better realtionships, you are only basically admitting to yourself that you are not that person, that you do not have those things, that you are detached from that reality and in essence you are making that your reality. Everything is of the mind, everything that becomes your reality is what you think about. So if you think about, “Oh my God I don’t want this to happen or I don’t want to lose my job or I am worried about money or my relationships, for example, you are putting that energy out to the world and you are bound to have those things happen to you.

Again, your perception is your reality. What you think about is truly what you become and you know this is something I have to remind myself from time to time. In a semi regular basis; especially in the world that I engage in, which is a media war and a propiganda war where the state is literally spewing this controlled message from a very high level the most provacative, powerful entity on earth: The Main Stream Media. This is basically empregnating the minds a certain and perticular narritive to control the minds of the masses at all times.

Like the Illusion that we have a choice in picking the next president when the next president has already been picked for us. Hilery Clinton wins coin tosses to win the Iowa caucus. Isn’t this country suppose to be a constitutional republic? Don’t the American people have a say in all of this? In reality the answer is NO. It all comes down to a coin toss.

Many of you want change and electing some stupid politician will not bring that change you need. You are the only person on Gods green earth that can change and live your own reality. Start by purchasing the 30 Days Of Discipline course atClickhere to view more details) 30 DAYS OF DISCIPLINE. You may have made some New Years resolutions and have not kept up with them and simply have given up. Friend, do not do that. Pick yourself up, discipline yourself and go and get and make your own reality.

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Until next time,

God Bless.


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