Tips on dating and relationships from the Millennium Warrior

Here we have another insightful article from our guest blogger, the Millennium Warrior. Enjoy!!

dating and relationships

Last week, marked my three year anniversary with my girlfriend, Katherine. Now, I’m not going to spend the next 45 minutes talking about how much I love her.

Trust me, she knows.

But as I started to reflect on this 3 year journey, I started feeling a bit concerned. My relationship is very different than the ones I see or hear about.

As many of you know, I’m not that old. But even someone as young as myself, can see that times are changing.

Especially when it comes to relationships,

As I look around, I see many more young couples falling into the same mistakes. Constantly.

To be more specific,

I see many young men becoming whimps. I see many young men acting more like young girls. It’s scary. They let their girlfriends call the shots. This includes what they wear, how they dress, or even how they cut their hair.

I worry heavily for the next generation of young men who are dating. Therefore, I want to take the time to provide some insight on dating.

I’m not a love guru, I just would like to give you my perspective on things.

I am simply just sick and tired of seeing girly young men cater to their girlfriends and behaving like little puppy dogs.

Know your role

Exactly as it sounds; God created men and woman with specific roles and purposes. Make sure your girlfriend is aware of this. I can’t tell you how sick I get when I see these weak men let their girlfriends call all the shots.

Long story short,

Be a man. This means you are in control of your own life. Men are thinkers and women are emotional. You control YOUR money, YOUR time, and yes even the way you cut YOUR hair.

Don’t make her your “EVERYTHING”

If she is your EVERYTHING she is in control of EVERYTHING. See where I’m going with this?

You start neglecting important things like school, work, friends and family and even your goals like training. Keep control of your life. If you make her your everything, she is bound to cheat on you or leave your ass.

I can’t tell you how many guys I have seen left crying like little fruit cakes because their “everything” has left them. Move on and Move forward.

Stay away from feminists

Feminists are disgusting; I repeat, feminist are disgusting. If anyone has a problem with that, feel free to contact me. I can’t tell you how pissed off I get when I hear a feminist talk. They are malcontent women, usually fat, pimply, and disgusting, and the only reason they exist is because whimpy men allow them to exist.

How Little Lindy Became a Fat Feminist

How Little Lindy Became a Fat Feminist

Yes, a real man is quick to put a feminist woman in her place. Stay away from these women. All they do is eat, gain weight, complain, and have sex with everyone on the planet. Plus they don’t shave.

I can go on for hours about this stupid ideology called “Feminism,” but let me make this simple…

The reason I have success in my relationship is because I have chosen not to be with a feminist. Instead, I found myself a woman that can cook, clean and take care of my future kids.

That makes a REAL woman,

feminists are completely useless and serve no purpose other than spreading STDs. Save yourself the trouble and date a REAL woman, skip those fatso sluts.

Train hard

Training is just as important as the other things. Any man with a powerful physique is automatically respected. This includes respect from your partner. Training provides the discipline needed in relationships.

As a man, it is your job to protect your woman. A metrosexual punk who weighs 90 pounds doesn’t qualify for the job. Sorry.

Train hard and train often before your girlfriend leaves you to find a real Intense Apex Alpha Male.


Don’t rush into marriage. Young men no longer respect marriage. They think marriage is a game. They rush into it because they were pressured by their girlfriends. These are the same couples that end up divorced after 2 years.

Real men think for themselves. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told to marry my girlfriend. I don’t listen to these people. These idiots are the same ones that end up divorced or in debt.

There isn’t a specific deadline for when you should get married. Take your time. My parents got married after 2 years of dating, and they have been together for 25+ years. Every couple is different.

My advice is…

Enjoy being single and the freedom. The time for marriage will come.

Well there you have it.

Being an Intense Apex Alpha Male and a Warrior requires full control of your life, mind and frame of thinking, and that includes dating.

Good luck and until next time,

The Millennium Warrior.

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