Three Things Every Alpha Male Should Do



Throughout my life, I have concluded that there are about three things every person, especially Apex Alpha Males should do, and they are:

1) Take Control of Your Health, and Physical well being

2) Take full control of your finances (money)

3) Take control of your spiritual Life.

I know that there are probably more things,

which I will touch upon in future articles, but for now let’s focus on these three. The ancient Greeks had it right when they came up with the three concepts of Building your mind, body and spirit. This is what completes the whole man. Let’s take the first concept.

1) Taking Control of Your Health, and Physical well being.
Many men go throughout life neglecting their health and physical appearance and health. These fools are brain washed into the instant gratification crap. They buy now and pay later. These fools go around buying all of the stupid little electronic gadgets they see and think they are cool for being up to date all the while eating crap, and living a lifestyle of a person just waiting to die. If these idiots happen to live to an old age, they begin to suffer basically all of the physical ailments that break the body down. They begin to suffer High blood pressure, arthritis and very low testosterone levels that rival a prepubescent female. This is also happening to many young men as well. After all of this, they hang on to every word their doctors tell them. If their doctor tells them to take this pill or that pill, they immediately do it without question. If they want to start being active and their doctor tells them no, they follow it without question. Several years ago I went to my doctor for my usual annual checkup and blood panel just to see how all of the plumbing was doing. When I took my shirt off, he immediately noticed that I was a weight Lifter. He asked me how often do I workout. I told him it depends on the goal I set for myself; anywhere from every other day to everyday give or take. He then proceeded to ask me “what do you eat? I gave him my basic cave man diet of several meat types and whole eggs with vegetables. He told me that all of that Meat and Eggs will cause heart problems and high cholesterol issues. I also told him that I take a boat load of amino acids and protein supplements. He further showed his disapproval by telling me about how unhealthy that Diet was. I explained to him those cholesterol problems are only prevalent when you eat the meat and eggs with high carbohydrates. My diet is absent of any carbs. He did not understand. I later came to realize that this doctor was not a sports doctor. He knew absolutey nothing about low carb diets or supplementation. Based on his appearance, he knew nothing about bodybuilding either. This doctor was a chain smoker who had a very bad diet and an inactive lifestyle. With all of those negatives, here he was giving me advice. Now, many of you reading this will probably be puzzled. You may be saying but he’s a doctor. Yes, he was a doctor. I love and respect doctors. But remember they are not experts in everything. The average physician knows next to nothing about a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle. When they go to med school, they only get one term of health and nutrition courses. The rest of their training is on medications and bio chemistry. After this check up, I concluded that my life’s mission is to learn everything I can to stay healthy and apply it and just use the doctors to make sure what I am doing is working. Intense Apex Alpha Males take control and learn all they can about health and exercise. All of you guys reading this should be exercising daily with weight bearing exercises and eat a testosterone building diet of meat and eggs and very low carbohydrates. To make a long story short, I received a post card form that Doctors office. The post card notified me that this doctor died of a heart attack and a new doctor will be assigned to me. This man was only 50 years of age with a thin build. Remember, it is up to you to take control of your health and not the doctors.

2) Take full control of your finances (money)
Did you know that most people do not take control of their money? I was talking with a friend who was applying for a job in the law enforcement profession, but not a police officer. He was going to become a bounty hunter and work closely with law enforcement in capturing criminals. The conversation veered to money. I asked him how will you get paid? He replied “I am an independent contractor.” I asked him do you know what that is? He said well sort of, please explain to me. Well, I told him that an independent contractor is a person who gets paid through a basic contract that is made in terms and conditions pertaining to whatever is agreed upon and you get paid a sum lump salary based on whatever you agree upon. For example, if you work for a salary with the city or state, all of the taxes are taken out for you where as, not so for an independent contractor. An independent person needs to find a good accountant and pay their taxes quarterly (four times a year). Once that is done it must be up to you to pay your taxes to the government and also invest the money intelligently and get your own health insurance if you need it. All of the things I explained to him were foreign. He did not understand. He said to me “well, I will just give it all to the accountant and tell him to do what he needs to do.” You are the expert. You see, this is why a real man needs to educate themselves about money. How many stories have you heard about people giving up their finances to some expert to handle for them only to later realize that they are bankrupt or owe taxes to the IRS. Remember Willie Nelson and Wesley Snipes?? You must take control of your finances like with your health. Don’t be some candy ass who complains about how unfair life is. B e a man and take control.

3) Take control of your spiritual Life.
I read a lot about how people try to seek God by resorting to Religion. Let’s get one thing straight from the start. STOP SEEKING RELIGION AND START SEEKING JESUS CHRIST who is God. Many people will go to church hoping to find God through some preacher. These Sunday goers seem content in just going to church and hanging on every word the pastor says without studying their bible during the week. When a person does this they are handy capping themselves by not having a solid biblical base from which to draw from. I have been in churches where an ultra liberal pastor would preach on silly things like placing women on top or head of house, global warming or even about race. All stupid non edifying crap.
You want to know what God has to say, start by reading the book of John and the book of Romans. These two books will get you off to a good start in understanding who God is. Then you make the decision. Next you go to a good bible believing church where the true bible is taught where men are the head of the house hold and real God fearing men do not take crap from the heathenistic masses who believe being a real man is bad.

Remember, these three concepts are only the beginning. I will elaborate more in future issues of this blog. Our goal is positive self improvement and it is up to you.

Your Man,

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