The Psychology of Being a Loser


We all start out in life basically in the same manner; we come out of our mothers a stinking bloody mess. Many of us fall into less desirable circumstances while others are better off, but always remember that destiny is ours to control; where you end up in life is completely up to you.
We grow up and as we grow up and go to school our teachers asks us what do we want to be when we grow up. Many respond with such things as wanting to be a fireman or a police man and such. No one says, I want to be a loser, but yet we have so many around us. Why is that? The current culture in the USA is that of haters and losers.

We see people blaming others and society for their individual circumstances. We see stupid politicians capitalizing on those who complain and capitalizing on those who are non-achievers and non-producers promising them the moon and taking away what the producers have worked hard for and supposedly giving it to the non-producers, which by the way never happens.

As we see many kids grow up from childhood all the way up to high school age, we begin to notice a change in attitude, an attitude of entitlement; an attitude that many parents quite possibly aren’t even aware of and if they are aware of their kid’s crappy entitlement mentality they usually enable it. Our school system, by design, dumbs down the kids with a cookie cutter education curriculums or programs called common core education, which happens to be a part of that candy ass Agenda 21 garbage. (Note: Go To -> and ), which is designed to make students mindless drones. On top of all of that garbage they are conditioned to hate America, hate God or anything to do with God, and play the victim and blame other people for everything going wrong in their lives.

When you live in a society where you are basically surrounded by such people, being a loser becomes the norm. Many people go ahead to college only to find out that their college “education” was a total waste of time. At least the smart ones come to that conclusion. Those who are destined to be losers will probably think that a degree in sociology, or basket weaving was a great investment. Now you tell me, other than a teaching job, what kind of high paying career can you get going with a degree in sociology or basket weaving? Probably none.

Most people usually do not start out as losers. It starts to creep up and show itself as you grow up and get older. You become conditioned and brain washed to think this way by heathenistic family members and a heathenistic society. Next, you start to develop a comfort zone, which will basically dictate your future and where you may end up in life if left unchecked. You start to believe everything the news media tells you. You start to believe everything the government says and its politicians. You begin to believe everything you read in the daily newspapers.

We see many young kids going to college and getting into huge debt with both college loans and consumer credit card debt. (Note: Go to -> Losers are taught the buy now and pay later, instant gratification concept. Many are also taught that papa government will be there to save you when the crap hits the fan. Many politicians want you to believe that being a loser is ok and that punishing the producers in our society is the way to go so that everyone can be a loser; a bunch of losers that they can control.

It is very easy to stay at home and play stupid video games and watch endless hours of stupid television than it is to begin disciplining yourself, getting into shape or building something constructive like a business; taking responsibility for your own learning and applying with intense discipline what you have learned. Many do not want to look in the mirror and make that important change. Believe it or not, being a loser is a decision that is made; a mental decision and it is a comfortable decision. Unfortunately for many, the decision to be a loser is slowly inculcated into our psyche by our surroundings and our upbringing. It takes wisdom to see beyond this and breakout of this loser drunken stupor. This is one of the reasons I created The Intense Apex Alpha Male website and blog, and that is to help many men break out of this mindless stupor and become a real God fearing productive man.


Can you be a winner? Are winners born? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes for the first question and a resounding no for the second. You can become a winner. It doesn’t matter how badly you are doing now. You must have the courage to look at yourself and make that positive change to be a winner. It doesn’t matter how little success you’ve had in the past. It makes no difference if you now have deep feelings of inferiority or if you lack confidence in your ability to succeed. You may have been a loser in every sense of the word, but that was before you started taking stock of yourself. Only you can make the decision to become a winner. Starting now, you can be a winner. All it takes is a decision to make it happen.

The concepts I will be discussing here are not new. They are not original. And most important, they are not untested. These concepts have been around for many years and their truth has been proven time and time again. Many others before you have followed these principles and have become winners. You can do the same.
Some people are born with an edge like good looks, rich relatives, great intelligence or natural athletic ability. But being born with an edge doesn’t make a person a winner. It may make it somewhat easier, but some of the world’s greatest losers are people born with all the breaks. In the final analysis, winners are made, not born. It’s what you do with what you have that makes you a winner or a loser.

I will show you some important concepts that will help you in deciding to become a winner. Remember, these techniques have been proven over and over many times. Many successful people have used them. If you are willing to apply these principles to your life, you can become a winner right now.


What is winning? Winning could be described as being successful at whatever you want in life. A winner gets what he wants out of life. Winning could mean gaining friendships, admiration or respect from other people. It could mean acquiring great wealth or all the material things that go with financial success. It could mean being happy and content with yourself and your career. Perhaps to you winning would mean having a happy home and a good family life. To someone else it might mean gaining self-respect and self-confidence. Winning could mean achieving good health and top physical condition quitting smoking or drinking and getting your weight down. It might mean overcoming fear and becoming free from worry. Maybe getting the job you want or doing your job better than anyone else would be your idea of winning.

Probably for most people winning is achieving many of the things listed above, for a winner is a well-rounded person, successful in not one but virtually all aspects of his life. Winning is for many people just being what you wanted out of your life. You can become a winner. And you can set your own terms, your own definition of winning. If you are going to become a winner, deciding exactly what winning means to you will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.


Winning means achieving your goals. But what are your goals? Chances are, you might give this kind of an answer: I’d like to make a lot of money. Get a better job. Travel to Europe someday. Get back in shape maybe quit smoking, lose some weight, start getting some exercise. One of these days I’d like to buy a house someplace.Those may sound like goals, but they aren’t. Those are passing thoughts. Those are daydreams. To be a winner you must achieve your goals. That means you must have goals, real goals. You must know exactly what you want and when you want and when you intend to get it. You must have a definite purpose.A wonderful place to start on achieveing your goals is to get the 30 Days of Discipline course.
This course will help you in taking simple daily steps in making your goals a reality. In order to make your plans work, daily simple steps must take place. The 30 days of discipline will help you in making your dreams and turning your dreams into reality.

30 Days of Discipline course
30 Days of Discipline course

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This is what some goals look like:
1) My goal is to get in shape by July 1st.

2)My goal is to make $1,000,000 by January 2020.

3) My goal is to get promoted to office manager within the next three years.

4) My goal is to travel to Europe eighteen months from now and to spend three weeks vacationing there.

The difference between passing day dreams and goals should be obvious. A goal is a specific and exact thing to be accomplished with a certain time frame. Making a lot of money someday is not a goal. Making 1,000,000 by January 2020 is. The very first step in becoming a winner is to set your goals. How can you be a winner if you don’t know what you want? Winners have a definite purpose. They know what they want from life.

Joe Rogan - Be the Hero
Joe Rogan – Be the Hero

So take the first step on your way to winning. Take your wishes and hopes and change them into goals. Take your wishes and hopes and change them into goals. You can choose any goals you wish. You are limited only by your imagination. Also there is no limit to the number of goals you can select. There is no reason you shouldn’t select 20 or 50 or even 100 different goals for yourself.

Probably you will find there are many things you would like to have but only a few things that are of extreme importance to you. Put your goals in an order of priority. The most important goals are the ones you’ll want to devote most of your efforts to.

The original selection of goals is just a starting point. Later on you can change your goals or add new ones. So start selecting your goals right away. Now is the time to start becoming a winner.

Until next time,

God Bless.


4 thoughts on “The Psychology of Being a Loser”

  1. I really like this article. I am currently using the 30 days of discipline course to help me achieve my goals and with my own blog as well. Thanks I.A.A.M.

  2. I soo agree completely on this article. I see that so much these days: my mother wasn’t there for me, my father never loved me l, society keeps me down, the government should give me this that and the third for free. I deserve it. Sorry for the rambling :) I hate how this is now acceptable and ok. What is the world coming to?

  3. That is correct Rachel. Apparently this is becoming the norm in our society here in the USA and especially here in New York City. We need to change that one person at a time.

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