The Number One Asset is — Your Health



I have always been told by those who care about me that my Health is my number one asset. Without your health you can forget about building up your body or trying to achieve goals. I know of many individuals who do have physical ailments that compromise their health and still continue to march on but its not without extreme difficulty. Being healthy and not having any ailments will do you very well especially when trying to build up your physique.

I have read many articles and blogs saying the supplements are complete garbage and do not work for building muscle. The only things that help build up the body are muscle building drugs like steroids. Well, yes that is true, but I often viewed supplements as not something that would build up my muscles like steroids would. I have seen supplements as a builder of health, and as we know an unhealthy body cannot build muscle. To build a healthy natural body first, there must be several things we must consider.

First – We must get ourselves checked out by a doctor; we must go get a check up to make sure everything is working the way it is suppose to. Just recently I went to the cardiologist to check out my blood pressure and heart. Part of the procedure was to take my blood pressure, get a blood sample to see how my cholesterol is, and they also gave me a stress test where I jog on a tread mill at various speeds for about five minutes. After the five minute jog on the treadmill, my heart rate and blood pressure is again taken. As it turns out the results were very encouraging. First off the doctor stated that my heart is very, very strong. All of my arteries and veins are clear. He made mention that I am a bit over weight and very well hydrated, which means I have too much water in my body. When the body holds on to too much water it can increase blood pressure which is not good. The wonderful thing about this check up is that I know exactly what to do.

Second – We must have an exercise plan available and execute that plan like a spartan. After the doctor gave me my results, I immediately went into action with a plan to keep my body healthy. I plan to resume my training. I also plan on using JohnDoeBodybuilder for help in my leaning out phase of my training.

(Note: I have taken a two and a half month lay off from training because I was having some very serious plumbing work done in my houses basement. My entire home gym is in that basement. So I decided that a little time off would be fine. It was during this time I went to see the cardiologist.)


Third – Along with my training program, I am also starting a vegetable juicing program with Kale being the king of that juice.MIKE CERNOVICH from danger and play highly recommends juicing for over all health benefits. So I went over to his website and purchased his e-books on juicing. Why his books in particular, well because Mike understands weight training and bodybuilding. He has three books on juicing and one of those books is dedicated to athletes who weight train.


I am here showing you how I prepare the juice. Although Mike recommends different juicers, I use the Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, which basically creates smoothies instead of just the juice you get from juicers that only separate the juice from the fiber. With the nutri-bullet you get to consume everything including all of the fiber from the fruits and vegetables you will be using.

For this drink I include the following:

1) four Kale stems

2) 1/2 sugar beet

3) handful of spinach

4) 1/2 Carrot

5) six large strawberrie

6) 1 cup blue berries

7) four pinapple slices

8) one cup of water and blend thoroughly.

Fourth – Next, I will take my supplements. Yes you heard me right, despite the opinion that supplements may be useless for building muscle they do build over all health, which in turn will keep you healthy while you are training to build muscle. And remember that only a healthy body can build muscle. Supplements also feed the body helping the body recuperate a little faster. I will be getting all of my nutrition from the Juicing and the vitamin mineral supplements. There is a nice podcast over at Bold and Determined with Victor Pride where they give some great information on certain supplements they use for over all health. The supplements that I use are the following:

1) Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder, Unflavored, 300 Gram

2) NOW Foods L-Glutamine Pure Powder, 1-Pound

3) Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Supplement, 44-Count

4) Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil, 300 MG, 200 Softgels

5) Now Foods Zinc Gluconate 50mg Tablets, 250-Count

6)NOW Foods Magnesium Capsules, 180 Capsules / 400mg

I plan to include Nature’s Way Dandelion Root , 525 mg, 100 Capsulesand Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root, 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

very soon for their diuretic properties to flush out any excess water from the body.

Fifth – I plan to perform my cardio work first thing in the morning on an empty stomach because I have had lots of success with this type of cardio program plus I plan to include a very high intense cardio session at least once a week. Why once a week because HIIT high intensity cardio chews up alot of muscle. If done properly, you can keep most of the muscle mass you have built up, which is my plan.

And Six –I will be implementing yoga, but not just any type of yoga. I will be using DDP Yoga. Click here to read all about DDP YOGA.

I will keep you posted on the success of my plans and hopefully this will help you out as well as you learn from my mistakes and successes.

God Bless you all



  • Lewis

    I plan to start juicing my self Leon. Nice article.

  • I love juicing, tastes awesome too

    • Hey Chase,
      Nice blog. I will keep posted on your informative posts as well.

  • Rachel Cruz

    It’s also good for men to do a self examination of their testicles, much like what women do on their breasts. And I like juicing too.

    • Very good point Rachel. Once you reach your forties a man should definitely go and check their testicles as well.