Its funny how in today’s society giving our male population manly advice on how to be a man would be shovanistic. This is a topic or a drum beat, that needs to be constantly sounded. The feminization of men in today’s society is a constant ongoing thing and getting worse. Frankie Valley sung a song back in the late 1950’s early 1960’s titled walk like a man and talk like a man. Today you do not hear songs like this anymore for fear of some metro sexual candy ass getting offended or some feminist loser getting offended and acquiring the services of some stupid lawyer to sue on the grounds of gender predigous.

There are several things I would like to touch upon on what makes a man a man along with how a man should carry himself; a set of rules if you will. Victor Pride from “Bold and Determined” created 32 Things Every Man Should Do. I would like to piggy back on this and add to the list. You can read Victors list here:

What a real man should be doing:

1) Talk Like A Man– How many times have you heard a man mumble or speak muffled in response to a question when spoken to? You ask a question and you get a soft or muffled response. This seems to be a major problem starting in our public school system. Many males in our society are taught to be embarrassed and ashamed for being male so when they are spoken to, instead of replying with a stern clear response you get a halfhearted muffled answer. A real man makes his point in a clear concise manner just like a lion roars so that all the other animals can hear him.

2) Shaking Hands like a man– How many times have you met a fellow male, extended your hand for a hand shake only to be greeted with a dead fish of a hand shake? A firm strong hand shake says a lot about the character of an individual. A firm hand shake gives off the impression that you are in control and confident. A sissy hand shake shows that you are a weak sissified man that should be wearing a pink little dress singing show tunes. The hand shake is how men greet and address each other. And please forget the fist bump nonsense. Who came up with that one? Shake hands with a firm grip, but don’t crush the hand, just firm is good enough.

3) Walk tall and confident –I see many men walking around like dweebs with slouched shoulders looking down to the ground. This sort of posture, while walking, gives off a vibe that you are an easy target just waiting for some ghetto street punk hood rat to prey on and attack and rob you or even worse. Walk tall and confident like you own the street looking around at your environment. This gives off a vibe that says, “You will not have a good day if you decide to mess with me.”

4) Be Firm and to the point– Like apostle James says in James 5:12 – Let your “Yes” be yes, and your “No,” no. When you are asked something that requires a yes or no answer, just say Yes or No. No need to elaborate. Don’t waste your time giving lengthy explanations. This is what real men do, men with confidence.

5) Read Victor Prides “30 Days of Discipline” The e-book “30 Days of Discipline” Clickhere to view more details” Discipline is the true hallmark of a real man. Do not expect to accomplish anything without planned discipline. Real men cut the crap and focuses on goals and he does not let anything get in his way.

6) Train with weights and build your body– How can you expect to command respect and carry yourself well with a body of a little girl. It can’t be done. Pot bellies and skinny arms look cute on little babies and not on men. Build your body, build your confidence.

7) Read Victors blog post

8) Men: Learn to FIGHT!!

In this months issue of Frank Zane’s “Building the Body” magazine, there is a great article titled “From Mice to Men ,” which is a psychologist observation of the modern male.Great Article. You can get a quarterly subscription to Frank Zane’s magazine at He teaches old school bodybuilding training and nutrition as well.

Frank Zane 2013_autumn

Read “From Mice to Men” here : arnold page1

Until Next Time.

God Bless


  • Rachel Cruz

    Dear IAAM,
    I have been reading a few of your blogs and I must say, your blogs are informative and enlightening. To the feminzed males, I am an oddball for recommending this site to them being that I am a woman. Please continue your wonderful work.

    • Intense Apex Alpha Male

      Thanks Rachel. A real woman is feminine and not feminist. Big difference.

  • Nice post IAAM,

    A lot of guy should be vigilant with #3 “Walk tall and confident”!
    It’s just incredible the amount of guys who walk around with this round back loser posture… it’s like there is an epidemic or something… I think it might be related to long hour working on computer … anyway it really project lack of confidence!

    • Intense Apex Alpha Male

      Thats right Chuck, also, do you ever see many men with the nail biting habbit? This also shows lack of self control.