Who is Morrie Mitchell and Universal Bodybuilding?

Who is Morrie Mitchell? When I was a kid of about 10 years of age, I collected comic books like most kids did. This was during the 1970’s way before the internet, cell phones, IPads, lap tops and high tech video games; NOTE – Atari game system was beginning to make an impact on the […]

Get a Grip of Steel

In this article, I would like talk about a part of training that is usually neglected, and that is grip training. Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts do not perform any grip work. Many bodybuilders believe that the forearms and grip are usually worked when performing all of the other exercises for arms and back. I […]

The Bodybuilding Lifestyle (By Guest Blogger Leon Cruz)

Several years ago Joe Weider was being interviewed by one of the news shows that aired on Sunday nights. I forget which one, but something Joe Weider said stuck with me. Mr. Weider said that Bodybuilding is comprised of three concepts or three things, and he said: Bodybuilding is a Sport, an Art and a […]

How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

The low testosterone phenomenon has been increasing and increasing as time goes on. Low testosterone is more prevalent in today’s generation than in your father’s or grandfather’s generation. This is mostly due to the types of food we eat, the way the government wants you to think about eating healthy i.e… The current food pyramid, […]

Convict Conditioning: Body Weight Exercises The Way of the Warrior

Since the turn of this century (since 2001 to be exact) there have been many rehashed fitness fads that have come down the pike again. We have seen in the 1990’s the kettle bell revolution come into existence and we have seen body weight exercises become popular again. These fitness modes and tools of training […]