The Number One Asset is — Your Health

I have always been told by those who care about me that my Health is my number one asset. Without your health you can forget about building up your body or trying to achieve goals. I know of many individuals who do have physical ailments that compromise their health and still continue to march on […]

Another phoney Supplement Article(Dont Believe the Lie)

Here we go again. This morning I was skimming through the many articles on the Drudge report website for my daily dose of world news when I came accross another article slamming supplements. The funny thing with these types of people who put out this mindless crap is that they never give up their quest […]

Understanding Your Endocrine System for Massive Muscle Gains By Guest Blogger Leon Cruz

Note: Please remember to consult your physician if you plan to use the supplements discussed. Here are a series of videos, articles and a free issue of Barbells-Dumbbells-Body weight newsletter from our guest blogger Mr. Leon Cruz   Did you know that there are supplements that can help you activate and help elevate your testosterone […]